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Jarvis McIntyre – Body Found at Park is Possibly Navy Vet Who Told 911 a ‘Racist’ Was Chasing Him

A body discovered in Texas on Friday may belong to a missing man who had vanished days earlier. Jarvis McIntyre, 26, was reportedly last seen running in John James Park on June 8  — and he was overheard in a 911 calling someone chasing him a “racist.” McIntyre’s mother told KENS that a body found days later at the San Antonio park had tattoos resembling those on her missing son.

According to the news outlet, McIntyre is from St. Louis, Texas, but he had flown to San Antonio to visit his sisters for his birthday weekend. He was supposed to return home Monday, but his rental car and belongings were reportedly discovered a block from the park where he vanished.

While San Antonio police confirmed on Sunday that a body was found at John James Park, they have not said it is McIntyre. The decedent’s cause of death also remains undisclosed.

McIntyre’s mother told KENS, “I want answers now. I want this person found.”