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Jared Ravizza – 4 GIRLS ATTACKED

Four young girls head to an AMC in their hometown of Braintree, Mass. It’s a Saturday matinee showing of the movie “If.” The four girls, ages 9-17, have the theater all to themselves, but just minutes into the movie, an unknown man wearing a trench coat and sporting long, blonde hair approaches the darkened theater. He walks into the aisle behind the girls and, without saying a word, begins a bloody stabbing spree, knifing all four girls.

The first victim, closest to the assailant, is bent down in her seat, reaching for something. She is stabbed in the back. He then stabs the girl next to her in the chest. He slashes the third across her arm and stabs the fourth in an unspecified location. The attacker then runs from the theater. While never uttering a word, he laughs throughout the attack.

About an hour after the movie theater attack, Jared Ravizza pulls into a Plymouth McDonald’s drive-through. Ravizza gets out of the car to urinate and then places his order. Ravizza tries to snatch his bag from an employee at the window before paying.

The 28-year-old employee doesn’t let go of the bag, and Ravizza stabs him in the arms with a large kitchen knife. Ravizza then parks his car, enters the McDonald’s, and stabs a second employee, a 21-year-old woman. Ravizza takes off again in his Porsche SUV.

Plymouth PD uses surveillance footage and witness statements to identify the black Porsche Macan from the drive-through as registered to Jared Ravizza. State police officers spot the Porsche and flip on blue lights, but Ravizza takes off, leading an erratic chase. In the nearby town of Sandwich, Ravizza crashes the car, which explodes into flames.