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Jamilla “Millie” Smith – Missing South Carolina Woman Died From Gunshot to the Head

A South Carolina woman found dead last week after she was reported missing in December was shot to death. Aiken County Coroner Darryl Ables said that Jamilla “Millie” Smith died from a gunshot to the head, WLTX reported.

Smith and her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Gabriel Harmon, were reported missing on December 3, 2023, a day after she called 911 to report that her ex had broken into her home and was chasing her down the road, as CrimeOnline reported. Harmon was arrested two days later following an hours-long standoff and charged with domestic violence and kidnapping in connection with Smith’s disappearance.

Smith sounded out of breath on the December 2 911 call, the affidavit filed with the warrant for Harmon’s arrest says. After the dispatcher asked where she could meet a deputy, a car engine revved and Smith screamed. Then, a male voice was heard telling Smith to get into the car because he was going to take her to an emergency room.

Smith continues to scream, the affidavit says, telling the man not to touch her, not to hurt her, and accusing him of hitting her. He says she jumped in front of the car, and she says she didn’t. Smith again tells the man to leave her alone, adding that she is hurting. She screams the word “no,” and accuses the man of running over her.

After the arrest, investigators found evidence in the trunk Harmon’s car leading to murder charges against him on December 23.

Two more men were arrested earlier this year — 35-year-old Bryan Alexander Hampton Jr. and 46-year-old Clyde James Hendley II — and charged with accessory after the fact of murder.

Shortly after Hendley’s arrest, investigators found Smith’s remains in a wooded area in Aiken County. Investigators have not yet said what led them to the spot