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Who is James Kilcer? Wiki, Biography, Age, Disarmed robbery suspect

James Kilcer Wiki – James Kilcer Biography

James Kilcer received the Citizen’s Courage Award on Tuesday after the October 20 incident. US Marine Corps Veteran Seen On Video Stopping A Burglary Attempt At An Arizona Convenience Store Accepts An Award From The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office For This “Extraordinary Heroism And Outstanding Courage” With A T-Shirt from “Let’s go Brandon”.

Sheriff Leon Wilmot presented Kilcer with the award, which his office describes as the “highest award for citizens whose actions deserve recognition,” for Kilcer’s “extraordinary heroism and exceptional courage as he voluntarily came to the aid of another citizen. during an incident involving extreme criminal activity, personal risk, life-threatening in an attempt to save or protect human lives. ”

James Kilcer Disarmed robbery suspect

What started as an unholy, anti-Biden chant at college football games morphed into “come on Brandon” when an NBC reporter apparently misheard the chant from the crowd while conducting an interview with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. The slogan immediately took off on social media among Trump supporters dissatisfied with the Biden administration.

Kilcer also wore a red MAGA cap when accepting the award. Last week, Kilcer told “America’s Newsroom” that he takes his personal safety and the safety of others “very seriously.” I turn to go and walk away, like I’m going and when I turn around I hear the door guy opening really aggressively, “Kilcer said of the incident.” At that point, the ‘spider senses’ tingled a bit. ”

Three unidentified people entered the store with an armed figurehead at the head. I saw two other guys with no other weapons and I decided he was the guy I was going to hit, “says Kilcer. In one move, Kilcer grabbed the gun and without hesitation hit the other suspects with a bag from his groceries at the store, which he said included two Gatorades, two energy drinks, and “a snack.”

“He was actually going to take control of his head and the gun at the same time, and it turned out that the bag was heavy and it was stuck to me and it hit him in the face,” Kilcer said. While the gas station clerk was “a little upset” by the incident, according to Kilcer, he jumped over the counter to chase the suspects.

Kilcer credited muscle memory from his Marine Corps training with knowing what to do in such incidents, as well as being “mentally prepared” when the robbery attempt occurred. The minor armed suspect was arrested and taken to the Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center on one count of armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Having said that, while Kilcer’s actions were heroic, they are not recommended for anyone who thinks he can take down an armed individual, according to YPG Police Department Chief Donnie Lucas. “The police community advises untrained civilians, non-combatant civilians who have not undergone any law enforcement course, disarmament course, or military-type training, not to confront an armed gunman or suspect. armed with a knife, or a machete, or any other weapon, ”he said. “In most cases, it would be better if I complied with the request that they are making.”

It’s worth noting that Kilcer served as a tactical air operations technician in the Marine Corps and was posted to Afghanistan during his time in the military. He attributed his spontaneous actions to his basic training and Marine Corps mentality. “Being in that mindset of if something happens, I will have to react and I will react appropriately,” he explained. “I was ready. I really didn’t know how quickly I reacted. ”Meanwhile, Kilcer has also received awards from the Marine Corps, Chevron, American Legion and the Yuma community for his bravery.

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