Who is Jacob Young ( Found Guilty of Rape)? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Charges and Arrested, Investigation Report,

Jacob Young Wiki – Bio

Jacob Young, of Ipswich, strangled his victim in her own home until she was almost unconscious, Ipswich Crown Court heard.


Jacob Young Age

He is 18 years old.

Jacob Young Family

His family Presence¬† on a 2005 episode of Supernanny, in which five young boys were described as having ‘no respect for their home, their parents or each other’.
His mother wrote a letter to the court where she said that being on the TV show led to a campaign of mockery and abuse from the public, as well as school friends.

She went on to say that her son was protective of women ever since a fire that happened in their family home in 2007.

However, her claims were dismissed by the judge as embellishment.

Charges and Arrested

He also had a previous conviction for threatening on 12-year-old girl with a knife when he was 14.

Although he denied his charges of rape, committing actual bodily harm and theft, he was found guilty by a jury.

He was sentenced to 10 years in a young offenders’ institution with an extended licence period of five years.

A teenager who appeared on reality TV show Supernanny has been jailed for 10 years after raping a stranger that he stalked.

Investigation Report

The judge said Young had an ‘extreme form of sexual curiosity or unhealthy fantasy’, according to the BBC.

He stalked ‘vulnerable’ young women and took photographs of them on October 13, 2018, before he saw his victim being held up by her boyfriend while walking home, the court heard.

His defence claimed that he had only intended to get her home safely but a jury was told he had a ‘premeditated plan’ to steal her bag so he could later return it to her and appear as a hero.

As soon as the victim’s boyfriend left, Young went into her flat and attacked her.

According to the judge, Judge Levett, there was evidence which suggested Young enjoyed violence and the victim was only able to escape after promising to let him ‘do whatever’ to her.


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