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Trigger Warning: Drug Mention, Sexual Assault, Eating Disorder, Suicide

Jack Barakat of the pop-punk band ‘All-Time Low’ has come under the scanner for sexually abusing underage girls. Various girls have been open to internet leveling allegations over the years about how he would make suggestive comments against them despite knowing that they are underage. A video on TikTok, which has now gone viral, helped escalate the allegations even further. The video shows a young woman reacting to a clip with the caption: “I tell everyone about how a famous pop-punk band let me get on their tour bus when I was 13 and people were telling me how good it was. it was theirs. ”

Allegations against Jack Barakat

No other bandmates have been mentioned in the matter except Barakat, however many allegations have mentioned that minors were allowed on the tour bus and no one did anything to stop him. The band has issued a statement saying with “absolute certainty that what is said about us is totally and absolutely false.” This is not the first time that women have come out against Barakat online. Certain screenshots on Twitter, the authenticity of which we have not yet confirmed, date back to 2017. In one of those tweets, a woman claimed that she was 14 years old when Barakat told her that her boobs looked delicious even though she it did not. she looked older than her age and she wasn’t wearing anything revealing. In related news, Michael Clifford of ‘5 Seconds of Summer’ or 5SOS as the band is known, was canceled online in June 2020 for past homophobic and sexist tweets.

A Twitter user has claimed that he counted 97 posts, including those on Tumblr, where underage girls boastfully admitted that Barakat praised their breasts. “There’s a lot of stuff on Tumblr and a lot of it is expressed in a positive way like ‘OMG Jack complimented my boobs wow’ when the poster was 14 at the time … so technically not an accusation, but it does count. absolutely and it belongs on the list. ” The same person went on to say: “I have counted 97 accusations against him. If 97 people are not enough, I don’t know what to tell you.”

Another Twitter user ‘@denimchicky’ mentioned that the alleged victim who was presented with a graphic account of what happened between her and Barakat, including accusations that the latter gave the minor hard drugs, alcohol and then touched her, had his account. after the band’s fans reported it. @denimchicky has posted screenshots of those deleted tweets which can be accessed below, or you can click here to read.

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