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Ira Volkova was arrested in St. Petersburg for reportedly exposing her butt outside St. Isaac’s Cathedral. She has seen the mother of one posing outside the church with her back to the camera. Her actions led to a criminal case in which she was accused of “humiliating and insulting the religious feelings of believers” by showing “naked body parts against the background” of the cathedral. This comes just one day after a couple was jailed for conducting a daring photoshoot near St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow.

A 30-year-old social media model and influencer who showed her butt outside a Russian cathedral has now been arrested. A video featuring Volkova was filmed this summer and recently sparked the interest of the authorities. “He has now been handed over to the investigating authorities,” a police spokesman said. Meanwhile, the model said that she had received “threats” after her case was highlighted by the Russian media. “I am very angry at people for being so vile. I am ashamed of them,” she said.

Ira Volkova Age

Ira Volkova is 30 years old.

Ira Volkova Arrested – Charged

According to The Sun, the influencer was detained after she voluntarily appeared at the office of the Russian Investigation Committee. A spokesman for the cathedral said she had not complained about her stunt, but asked the public to “let the relevant services deal with this problem.” Volkova, who has a school-age son, is in pretrial detention awaiting trial. “The issue of her preventive detention and the filing of charges against her is currently being resolved,” she reads in a committee statement. You can see the photos here.

Last month, influencers Ruslan Bobiev and his girlfriend Anastasia Chistova sparked outrage by taking a cheeky photo in front of a cathedral on Red Square. The photo showed Christova simulating a sexual act with Bobiev while she was wearing a police uniform, leading the duo to be accused of “insulting religious sentiments.” Bobiev, a Tajik citizen whose real name is Ruslani Talabjon, received the deportation order from the court. after serving his sentence. “Anastasia Chistova and Ruslani Murodzhonzoda committed public actions expressing a clear lack of respect for society,” the court said of the Instagram model and the Internet joker, respectively.

“I would like to apologize to those whose feelings I hurt by these images,” said Chrsitova. “I did not think, and I simply wanted to like and popularity. Now I realize the price of such popularity. And I have to respond to the full extent of the law with my freedom, public condemnation, the disapproval of my parents and people close to I am very hurt. ”

According to Chrstova, it was Bobiev who chose the location and convinced her that there was nothing wrong with her plan. “I just followed him like a dog,” he said. Meanwhile, Bobiev offered his own apology to the authorities. “I was posing for photos next to the cathedral. Sorry, “he said.” I’m sincerely sorry, I will never do it again. I was taking photos with a girl wearing a police uniform next to me. I sincerely apologize. “According to The Sun, the couple became the first to receive a prison sentence for” insulting religious sentiments “under the new laws. These acts previously only resulted in fines or suspended sentences.

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