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Helen Kingwell Wiki – Bio

Helen Kingwell was finishing her three months of regional work in Bundaberg, Queensland, last year to earn her second year Australian visa. The tourist from Bath struck up a relationship with a fellow English backpacker, but ended it when she discovered he had a girlfriend.

Helen Kingwell Age

She is 23 years old.

Helen Kingwell Family

‘Parents are worried about their children coming to Australia and a big scary man jumping out of a bush, but most rapists are people you know and trust,’ she said.

‘I hope by sharing my story it will warn other women about some of the dangers that can occur while doing farm work, you hear the horror stories and never think you would end up in a bad situation in the middle of nowhere with no money.

‘I hope to encourage other people to come forward with sexual assault to break the silence, even if the law won’t help you fight, fight for yourself.’

After travelling around Australia from December 2018, Ms Kingwell arrived at the hostel near Bundaberg on June 3.

Helen Kingwell Reported

She guarantees the poor conditions at the inn, where she imparted a modest space to three men, added to the assault.

At the point when she told the inn chief, the weepy young lady claims she was disclosed to her story was ‘terrible for business’ and she should leave.

Ms Kingwell revealed the supposed assault to police on September 24 in the wake of finishing her homestead work and moving onto Sydney, yet was for the current week advised there was insufficient proof to try and meeting the supposed attacker.

The young lady said she was standing up to support other ladies who’ve been assaulted to approach as opposed to remaining quiet about it.

The laborers lived in changed over delivery holders split into three or four rooms, which with four individuals in lofts, in addition to a restroom.

‘The spot was a s**tshow, it resembled a slave camp. I stayed on the grounds that I was destitute and had no place else to go,’ she disclosed to Daily Mail Australia.

‘There wasn’t sufficient space to move around the rooms and on the off chance that you were tall and sat up in the top bunk you would hit your head on the roof.

‘You were living over one another, there wasn’t sufficient space for every one of the four individuals to stand up in the room on the double.’

Ms Kingwell said the wind current was horrible and many individuals became ill, and it was difficult to keep clean since it was so confined.

Every explorer paid $180 per week in lease in addition to $5 transport every route to the homestead – which she said wasn’t referenced until she showed up.

Not long after subsequent to showing up she got to know a 28-year-old hiker from London, which formed into a close connection.

He gave her endowments and praises which she currently accepts were to ‘put her on a platform’ so it is simpler to prepare her.

‘Consistently that passed I wound up confiding in him to an ever increasing extent, I disclosed to him my most profound privileged insights,’ she said.

‘He made out like every other person in the inn was phony and it was me and him against the world.’

The man could talk familiar German and erroneously revealed to her the German hikers in the inn were tearing down her.

After the first occasion when they had intercourse he moved into her room and they shared her base bunk each night with a sheet hung around it for security.

After the second time they had consensual sex she discovered he had a sweetheart in Melbourne and said they should simply be companions.

‘I didn’t value being his scandalous little tidbit,’ she clarified.

They continued resting in the base bunk however didn’t have any cozy contact for about a week and a half before she concluded it was abnormal and moved to the top bunk.

After seven days on July 11 they were watching Forest Gump in the base bunk and she chose to hit the hay.

In any case, as she went to move into her bed she guarantees he snatched her around the abdomen and moved her back to the base bunk demanding they finish the film.

Ms Kingwell nodded off and guarantees she stirred about 4.55am to him attacking her.

She attempted to roll onto her stomach to stop him yet he ‘forcefully’ moved her towards him at that point pulled down her clothing, she said.

‘I was stunned, I solidified. I felt so debased, how could my companion who I trusted have done this to me?’ she said.

He unexpectedly halted when the 5am caution headed out to wake everybody up for work at 5.30am.

‘I realized he realized he was accomplishing something incorrectly in light of the fact that the various occasions we hadn’t halted or stressed over what others were thinking,’ she said.

‘I felt embarrassed and humiliated and left the room crying. The more I considered it, the more debilitated it made me feel. I felt befuddled and double-crossed.’

Soon thereafter she made it understood to him that they were simply companions and that shouldn’t occur until kingdom come, to which he concurred.

What purportedly happened kept on soaking in until she admitted to herself that he had explicitly attacked her and she was appalled with him.

The following night, July 13, was her companion’s unexpected 28th birthday celebration gathering and she needed to remain far away from her supposed attacker however would not like to demolish the night.

‘I drank myself senseless to overlook the torment and disarray I felt that night in his quality. I couldn’t take a gander at him without feeling wiped out,’ she said.

Ms Kingwell said she was disregarding and maintaining a strategic distance from him the entire night to where everybody saw, so he more likely than not realized she wasn’t keen on him.

She just kept going about an hour at the bar they went to subsequent to drinking at the inn before her companions took her home and conveyed her into bed, completely dressed, where she dropped about 1am.

‘I woke up [the next morning] totally exposed in my bed alone, terrified, and mistook for somebody’s semen inside me,’ she said.

‘I realized where it counts it was him when I woke up on account of what happened the prior night, yet I trusted it was another person.’

She returned to her room crying and claims the supposed attacker quickly came up to her rehashing ‘I’m heartbroken, I’m grieved’ as he snatched her into an embrace.

Ms Kingwell pushed him away and got down to business, however was too disturbed to even think about continueing following a couple of hours.

Days after the fact she sent him a long and irate instant message standing up to him about the two occurrences.

‘You burn through cash on a young lady just to make her vibe uncommon just to control her and make her your ownership that you can simply get and utilize at whatever point you need in any event, when I didn’t have the foggiest idea about my very own name or where I was,’ she composed.

‘I was not calm enough to give you assent and you realized that since when I was progressively calm I would not like to converse with you.

He answered: ‘I never intentionally exploited you and could never do that to anybody, Helen. Try not to say something so wiped out.

In different writings he guaranteed she more likely than not agreed on the grounds that he ‘enigmatically recalled her kissing him’ and he had the option to get excited.

‘I realize it looks f**king terrible. I can just apologize,’ he wrote in one content.

One of her flat mates said something to police on the side of Ms Kingwell, portraying what he heard in the early hours of the morning after the gathering came back to the lodging.

‘He blew up at me the multiple times we engaged in sexual relations since we were in effect noisy, however the night I was assaulted he could hear the sound of sex and the bed hitting against the divider, yet not me making any commotion,’ Ms Kingwell said.

The following day Ms Kingwell was making breakfast and was ‘nervous’ thinking each individual who strolled into the kitchen was him, until he walked in.

‘He took a gander at me with the substance of a blameworthy man, he dropped his head low and strolled straight pull out,’ she guaranteed.

Ms Kingwell had a psychological breakdown, securing herself her room and trimming around seven creeps of her hair off.

‘I got toenail scissors and hacked off my hair since he used to state the amount he enjoyed my long hair,’ she said.

That night she mentioned to the lodging supervisor what occurred however asserts she was told: ‘No, your story is awful for my business, I need you to leave too.’

She was permitted to remain after she said she would go to the police, under the condition that she didn’t drink liquor.

‘She said “you’re the person who drank excessively” and that I requested him to be in my room. She wasn’t being steady or needing to help me by any means,’ she asserted.

The chief, who has since left the inn, revealed to Daily Mail Australia she urged her to go to the police and offered to go with her.

She said Ms Kingwell may have misconstrued her remarks and that liquor was restricted at the inn for everybody – however numerous visitors drank at any rate.

‘What individuals do is out of my control yet when she mentioned to me what occurred and cried I felt tragic and extremely upset for her. Yet at the same time I can’t pass judgment on anybody since I don’t have the foggiest idea what occurred,’ she said.

Ms Kingwell said she was excessively embarrassed and befuddled to go to the police promptly yet rang a rape helpline.

She said she was encouraged to hold back to report it when she found a workable pace city where police would be better ready to deal with the case.

Ms Kingwell said after she revealed her supposed assault, she was told a man in a suit with a folder case had dropped by to assess the inn and soon a short time later everybody in the delivery holders was moved to better lodging.

The previous supervisor said the proprietor, who claimed the delivery holder convenience, dropped the rent and the inn proceeded onward October 1.


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