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Heather Janney and Antoine Webington are a couple who are now at the center of the latest viral video involving police arrests and alleged brutality. Janney, a white woman, and Wellington, a black man, were driving in their car with their child in Maryland when police pulled them over. Janney was the one who was driving over the speed limit. During the traffic stop, officers asked Wellington for his ID. When he refused to provide it, they forcibly removed him from his car and arrested him.

Janney filmed the whole incident and posted it to her TikTok. The videos have since gone viral.

Heather Janney Age

Heather Janney’s age is unknown.

Arrested & Viral Video

According to what the officers said in the video, the car was originally pulled over because Janney was driving “45 [miles per hour] in a 30.”

Janney captured the entire event in a video, which she then posted to TikTok. In the video, Webington says at one point to the camera, “So if she’s going 45 in a 30, a traffic ticket, how is it lawful for them to get the identification of the passenger, which they did not get, but said they identified me?”

At that point, the three officers on the scene began working to forcibly remove Webington from the car. Webington repeatedly told the officers he wanted to get out of the car on his own. Throughout the videos, Janney could be heard crying. At one point, Webington told the officers his child was in the car.

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The three officers eventually walked a handcuffed Webington away. Per TMZ, officers say they arrested Webington because he was resisting arrest, and he has two outstanding warrants.

As some have already noted on Twitter, Maryland is not a “stop and identify state,” meaning that it does not allow police officers to demand an individual to provide identification or their name unless the officers have reason to believe the individual has committed a crime. Here is a list of states that do have “stop and identify” laws:

Janney Has Made a Public Request for Donations to Help Pay for Their Lawyer

In a subsequent TikTok, Janney provided more information to the general public about Webington’s current situation, and about their relationship. She describes herself as a “stay at home mom” for their child, and clarified that Webington needs a lawyer now.

Here’s everything she said in the TikTok announcement:

You guys…This is an active case…Anything I say can and will be held against him in court. So I will not be going into detail until the case is over. I have been a stay at home mom so I have not been working. It is obvious Antoine needs a lawyer to beat this case properly.

If you guys want to help me pay for a lawyer that would be amazing. Something has to be done about this, Antoine can’t go into that courtroom alone. He needs a higher voice, a good lawyer.

…This is racist!! There was no reason for that police officer to ask for his identification when I was the one driving. Warrant or no warrant?! Even if the police visually identified him to have a warrant…I still believe there was no reason for them to take him away from his family like that.


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