Grandma Holla Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death, Height, Fast Facts

Grandma Holla Wiki, Biography

Helen Davis, known as Grandma Holla on TikTok, passed away on Sunday, January 15, 2023 at the age of 97, after a battle with cancer. Davis’ granddaughter, Chelle, confirmed the news on various social media platforms via live stream.

Chelle said her grandmother passed away peacefully in her sleep, adding:

“I want to thank you all so much for the smiles you put on her face…she Died in her sleep. She Came out in peace…what really holds them together is that she is no longer in pain. No more cancer, no more morphine.”

The TikTok sensation was known for his honest and funny comments on questions on any topic. From relationships to food to celebrities, Davis’s videos always brought a smile to everyone.

“May that queen rest in peace”: Netizens mourn the loss of beloved grandmother Holla

As soon as the news of Grandma Holla’s death hit social media, netizens took to social media to express their grief. Many said they felt like she was her own grandmother, while others were shocked to hear the news of her passing.

Several other users shared sweet tributes to the TikToker and their condolences to her family.

They praised the TikTok star for making everyone laugh, calling her a gem and a ruthless queen. Grandma Holla was known among her followers for her hilarious personality and she commented that she lived a life worth celebrating.

Who was Grama Holla?

Helen Davis was born in 1926 and worked as a special education teacher for part of her life.

The 97-year-old TikToker operated under her username @lotteryfrappeandlaughs on TikTok, YouTube and Facebook. Her granddaughter filmed her reactions and shared them on social media platforms. Many of her videos show someone talking to Helen at her home or in her car.

Her funny forceful reactions and snappy one-liners won the hearts of many. Davis’ first video was posted in August 2021 and her profile soon went viral when R&B singer Toni Braxton shared one of her videos on her Facebook.

Helen had over 800,000 followers and over 6.3 million likes across all TikTok posts. In one of her final videos, she wished her followers a happy new year with a beautiful smile.

In 2022, the fake news of her passing spread across social media like wildfire despite there being no substantiation for the news. Fans mistook another internet creator, the death of Mrs. Holla for Grandma Holla. Her daughter, Janice Williams, put the speculation to rest after responding to a post that said:

“Hello, she’s fine. She’s at home eating cereal right now.”

However, around the same time, the TikToker was reported to be suffering from an advanced stage of cancer when she regularly shared videos from the hospital.

Her family stated that they will update fans on the funeral at a later date.