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Gordon Beesley, a veteran of the Arvada Police Department, and a bystander identified Tuesday as John Hurley, 40, of Golden, were shot and killed, along with the unidentified suspect, according to Strate.

“I can tell you that Gordon was attacked because he was wearing an Arvada police uniform and a badge,” Strate said. “Officer Beesley was ambushed by a person who expressed his hatred of police officers. Strate praised Hurley as ‘a true hero’ and said he likely disrupted what could have been further loss of life. Arvada is in the area Denver metropolitan area.

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Gordon Beesley was 19 years old.

Gordon Beesley, Arvada, Colorado Shooting Victims

John Hurley is a “true hero” whose actions during a shooting in Colorado this week likely saved other people’s lives while sacrificing their own, Arvada police say.

Police Chief Link Strate provided few details about Hurley’s involvement in Monday’s shooting in the historic Old Town district of the suburban city of Denver. Officer Gordon Beesley was fatally shot; the gunman also died.

Police said the shooting appeared to be an ambush against Beesley. Hurley, 40, was praised for reaching “the Old Town area in the middle of a shooting” and avoiding further violence. The shooter and Hurley appeared to have no prior connections, police said.

“He is a true hero and he probably interrupted what could have been a further loss of life,” Strate said.

Cody Souels, an old friend of Hurley’s, said he was a caterer and described him as loyal and hard-working. Souels told Fox 31 that, in high school, Hurley was outspoken and liked to take on challenges. Souels said he was not surprised when police described his friend as a hero.

“He seems like he will defend someone if something happens,” Souels said. The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office identified the attacker as 59-year-old Ronald Troyke and said he was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. Authorities were working to determine the motive.

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“We don’t have all the facts,” Strate said. “I can tell you that Gordon was attacked because he was wearing an Arvada police uniform and a badge. Officer Beesley was ambushed by a person who expressed his hatred of police officers.”

Beesley, married and father of two children, was a 19-year veteran in the Arvada department. He served as a school resource officer at Oberon High School, but was working patrol and motorcycle traffic while schools were out for the summer. Police say Beesley responded to a call about a disturbance near the city library around 1:15 p.m. Monday. About 15 minutes later, 911 calls began coming in reporting a shooting.

“It is with great regret that we send our condolences to the Beesley family and the Arvada Police Department,” Jefferson County Public Schools said in a statement. “Officer Beesley served as a school resource officer … for over 10 years as a deeply valued school and community partner. We honor and thank him for his dedication to our students, school, district, and community. We will miss him. “.

According to his school resource officer’s bio, he played drums in a band and enjoyed hiking, biking, skiing, and camping with his family. His motto: “Seek the good in every day.”

David Rupert, a counselor at Oberon Middle School, told the local CBS station that Beesley was among his best friends and was an “amazing man” who found joy in helping others. Rupert’s most vivid memory is when Beesley created a bond with a young student who feared police officers.

“They knew he was there for them,” Rupert said. “He generally showed concern and care and that he was there for his well-being, and it oozed out of him.”

Cecelia Palumbo says that she was one of the students positively affected by Beesley’s kindness while she was a student in 2014. She described him as “more than a police officer.”

“He Loved everyone,” Palumbo said. “He helped Me get over the bullying and he was the kind of person who would literally give you lunch money.”


A verified GoFundMe account created by Hurley’s friend Brian Romero for his family had raised about $ 10,000 on Wednesday afternoon. Romero says Hurley lived and worked in Colorado for most of his life and left “a grieving family” that includes his parents and his sister, Erin.

“Johnny lived simply and had few possessions,” says GoFundMe. “He loved the outdoors, he was passionate about food and cooking, and he loved spending time with the family.”


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