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Who was Giacomo Chiapparini? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death

Giacomo Chiapparini Wiki – Giacomo Chiapparini Biography

A 74-year-old dairy farmer collapsed during a collapse at his sprawling cheese warehouse in northern Italy on Sunday night when thousands of wheels of Parmesan-style hard formaggio collapsed on top of him. Giacomo Chiapparini, the owner of the Chiapparini cheese-producing company of the same name in Lombardy, was killed in the freak accident when the giant shelves holding 90-pound wheels of grana padano cheese suddenly bent.

Chiapparini was using a machine to rotate and clean wheels of cheese at various stages of ripening when one of the metal shelves collapsed, creating a “domino effect,” firefighter Antonio Dusi told the AFP news agency. The warehouse, which had been stocked with 25,000 wheels of cheese, was left in shreds. Thousands of 90-pound wheels of cheese, arranged in stacks of 20, fell to the floor from long, narrow shelves, some 33 feet high, burying Chiapparini alive.

Giacomo Chiapparini Age

The age of Giacomo Chiapparini was 74 year.

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Cause of Death

An employee who was outside the warehouse around 9 p.m. local time heard a loud noise and called for help. Firefighters and police officers rushed to the scene in the town of Romano di Lombardia, near Bergamo. It took rescuers 12 hours to dig through the fallen wheels of cheese piled high inside the cavernous 21,500-square-foot storage space.After working through the night, first responders, aided by K-9 dogs, found Chiapparini’s body early Monday. The cause of the deadly accident is being investigated, but Bortolo Ghislotti, president of the local agricultural district, suggested in an interview with Italian outlet Il Giorno that the machine used to automatically clean the cheese might have failed, causing the disaster.

Ghislotti said Chiapparini’s family is now in a race against time to save the precious cheese wheels and transfer them to the climate-controlled warehouses of neighboring businesses before they spoil in the summer heat.The family, his wife Angela and his two children, cannot understand what happened,” Ghislotti said. “But now we are looking for a colleague who is willing to take all the wheels… that would otherwise have to be thrown away.” Ghislotti estimated the economic damage from the accident at $7.7 million, which includes the cost of the machine used to rotate and clean the cheese wheels, which was destroyed in the collapse.Chiapparini’s company sits on more than 24 acres of land, which includes barns, warehouses, milking facilities and a boat. The farmer has been producing the popular Grana Padano cheese since 2006. A neighbor described the elderly cheesemaker as a man who worked day and night to support his family. In addition to his wife and his children, Chiapparini is also survived by his young grandchildren.

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