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Gerald Baltz, who often goes by the credentials Dr. Jay Baltz, is a nursing practitioner with four active nursing licenses in California. He holds multiple nursing degrees from Saint Louis University and is permitted to prescribe medicine. His LinkedIn profile describes him as a Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

According to Baltz’s bio on MelrosePsych, he is a DNP, PMHNP-BC who has been practicing since December 2009. He hails from St. Louis, Missouri, but moved to New York City after completing high school. In New York, he pursued a BFA degree in Creative Writing and briefly taught English literature in high school. Later, he left teaching to design web pages, administrate computer networks and write copies from companies like Accenture, Liz Claiborne, and Dell.

Baltz, who had already studied psychology during his graduation, then decided to pursue a career in mental health and accordingly, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from his hometown. He even graduated Summa Cum Laude from Saint Louis University and earned his Masters’s degree and Doctor of Nursing Practice from the same university.

Since 2012, Baltz had practiced as a psychiatric nurse practitioner in Los Angeles hospitals, outpatient offices, substance abuse clinics, and assisted living facilities. Presently, he practices privately in California and Washington with a specialized focus on treating depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

Gerald Baltz Age

Gerald Baltz’s age is unknown.

Gerald Baltz & Stevie Ryan

In 2015, Ryan’s sketch comedy show ‘Stevie TV’ was abruptly canceled on VH1. Soon afterward, she started seeing Dr. Gerald ‘Jay’ Baltz, who prescribed her a wide range of medications over a period of two years. The medications included those for depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder, which revealed a filing against Baltz by the California Board of Registered Nursing.

During this time, Baltz reportedly told Ryan not to go to the hospital despite her suicidal thoughts. He acknowledged knowing about her suicidal thoughts in an interview with the nursing board investigator after her death.

“Saw my doc. He said DO NOT go to the hospital. He’s putting me on new meds AGAIN… But he is so hot… like FINE… I think I’m dating my doctor now,” Ryan had texted a friend about Baltz at that time, DailyMail reported.

In April 2017, Ryan informed a friend over text that she had asked her ‘doc’ out and he had agreed, on the condition that he could not treat her anymore. Instead, he referred her to another doctor at the same facility – Insight Choices.

Ryan also had a conversation over messages with Baltz about their relationship, where he reportedly told her, “I’m a healer, it would be unethical for me… not you… I took an oath!!

“If I did anything to harm you it would not only be a d**k move but cause 10 years of school and work to disappear for me,” he added in another text.

When their relationship started showing problems towards late April, Baltz told Ryan over text that he had made a horrible error in judgment. “You needed help and I worsened the situation,” he wrote, followed by a breakup text exchange, whose screenshots Ryan later shared with her friend.

According to the DailyMail report, Baltz allegedly told Ryan, “So you don’t want to date anymore? It’s okay I figured you might not be thinking clearly. That sucks I like you but if that’s what you’re saying I’ll leave you alone.”

“Listen I feel terrible about this whole thing. The most important thing is your mental health. This is exactly why I’m an idiot,” he later sent her.

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However, Baltz denied sending the messages when questioned by the nursing board about the same. It was also found that he allegedly told Ryan to delete some of the messages.

In 2018, Ryan’s parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Baltz alleging that he engaged in a sexual relationship with her. The lawsuit was later settled for $200,000.

“We know that she was vulnerable… and [Baltz] took an oath … to help and not harm. And I don’t think he helped at all,’ Ryan’s father reportedly said about Baltz. He is now insisting that Baltz be held accountable for the allegations against him since he still continues to treat other patients.


In July 2017, actress and comedienne Stevie Ryan, who shot to fame through YouTube, committed suicide at the age of 33 at her home in Los Angeles. Now, shocking details have surfaced about her death which reveals her sexual relationship with her nurse practitioner, who reportedly told her not to go to the hospital despite feeling suicidal.

Gerald Baltz, who was treating Ryan for mental health issues for over two years, engaged in an improper relationship with her while she was his patient. He was also allegedly having a se**xual relationship with her three months prior to her tragic suicide when she was being treated by another practitioner at Baltz’s facility.


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