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Fred Hampton Jr Wiki – Fred Hampton Jr Biography

Fred Hampton Jr., the son of deceased Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton, has followed in his father’s footsteps as a vocal activist. From the day he was born, less than a month after his father’s death, Fred Hampton Jr. was immersed in Black revolutionary politics. The son of Black Panther Party Illinois Chairman Fred Hampton, who was killed by police during a raid on December 4, 1969, Hampton Jr. has continued his family’s legacy of working both within the Black Panther infrastructure and through other organizations to further causes related to racial and social justice.

Though Hampton Jr. is not depicted in the new Shaka King biopic of his father, Judas and the Black Messiah, he and his mother, Akua Njeri, played an important role in shaping the movie as consultants on set. Hampton Sr. is portrayed by Get Out’s Daniel Kaluuya, while The Deuce’s Dominique Fishback plays Njeri, who then went by Deborah Johnson, in the movie that comes to HBO Max on February 12, 2021.

Per the Chicago Sun-Times, Hampton Jr. had opted out of being involved in similar movies over the years, and his stipulation for Judas and the Black Messiah was that members of the project, including Kaluuya and Fishback, meet with him at some of the important locations in his father’s life.

“He is his father’s son,” King told the Sun-Times. “Fred Jr.’s time on set with us was incredibly useful. We redid scenes, and he pointed out minor details. We’re doing a movie about these people’s lives; we had to get it right.”

Today, Hampton Jr. continues to shed light on issues that have plagued the Black community for centuries, and he makes a point of connecting his own struggle to that of his father, in addition to the history of slavery in America.

“We’re not the OGs, we’re OVs of terrorism—the original victims. Although the terms may change, it may be slavery, Jim Crow, police brutality, once we start connecting up with each other at some points of unity with this struggle, and just even the conversation happening, we’ll be connected and can’t no chains, no shackles, no water, no land or language barriers divide us,” Hampton Jr. told The Undefeated in February 2020.

Fred Hampton Jr Age

Fred Hampton Jr is 51 years old.


Hampton is the son of Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton and his fiancée, Deborah Johnson. Johnson was over eight months pregnant when Hampton Sr. was killed by the Chicago police in a 1969 raid, which occurred 25 days before he was born.

He was given the name Alfred Johnson at birth. His mother had it legally changed to “Fred Hampton Jr.” when he was ten years old.

Criminal Charges

In 1993, a then 23-year-old Hampton Jr. was found guilty of arson by a Cook County Circuit Judge and sentenced to 18 years of prison time, per The Chicago Tribune. The charge stemmed from an incident where Hampton Jr. is said to have thrown a molotov cocktail into a local Korean business as part of protests connected to the Rodney King verdict, which led to outrage around the country.

According to the Reader, Hampton Jr. maintained his innocence throughout the trial. While he was serving time, Hampton Jr. and his mother asserted that he was being “targeted” because of his father and his family’s connection to the Black Panthers.

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“I am a victim of continued counterinsurgency. A lot of people think counterinsurgency was solved in 1972. I was targeted since I was born,” he said. “Still, in the eyes of the state, being the son of Fred Hampton is a crime.”

There was an appeal for clemency in 2001, and some online sources say he was paroled that same year.


Just like his father became a crucial member of the Black Panthers, Hampton Jr. is Chairman of the Black Panther Party Cubs organization.

The exact definition of the Black Panther Cubs is a bit murky, but according to a piece by fellow Cub Malkia Cyril in Al Jazeera, they are made up of children of Panther members who are involved in similar causes as their parents. Hampton Jr. has echoed that message in interviews.

“The organization that I’m honored to represent, the Black Panther Party Cubs, [believes] a legacy is more important than your life,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “…And the legacy of such a force of Chairman Fred and the Black Panther Party in general, we hold it tight.”




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