Franklyn Rosario Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Arrested, Fast Facts

Franklyn Rosario Wiki, Biography

25-year-old repeat shoplifter Franklyn Rosario was arrested by the Yonkers Police Department on Friday, January 6, 2023. Rosario is a resident of the Bronx and was charged with stealing merchandise from the Marshalls on Central Park Avenue.

According to reports, this is not the first time Rosario has been accused of stealing property. Cell phone video captured him shoplifting from another store. The video also saw some people trying to stop him, but they were unsuccessful.

According to Fox5 New York, Bronx resident Franklyn Rosario is allegedly facing charges of drug and weapons possession, as well as obstruction and resisting arrest. He allegedly tried to flee the area when the police officers arrested him. Police have also described him as a “tough guy” since he managed to get away the first time.

Franklyn Rosario, a Bronx resident, has been arrested 13 times

On Friday, the Yonkers Police Department finally arrested 25-year-old Franklyn Rosario at a bus stop. Rosario was filmed shoplifting from a department store earlier this week.

On Friday, he was allegedly stealing merchandise from a Marshalls on Central Park Avenue. Franklyn Rosario was then followed by the store’s loss prevention staff. The individuals helped officers identify him, and authorities later took him into custody.

Authorities mentioned that this was the 13th time the Bronx man had been under arrest. Body camera footage shows that during the arrest, Rosario attempted to flee the area but was unsuccessful.

Yonkers police took to Twitter and stated:

Franklyn was a real tough guy the other day when a couple of good Samaritans tried to stop him from shoplifting and he pushed them; this time, when the police approached him, he tucked his tail in and tried to run, but he didn’t get very far.”

The tweet further said:

“We think it’s fair to say that society is fed up with brazen thieves like Franklyn, to the point that civilians are now taking action, which we advise against for their own personal safety.”

In cell phone footage, Rosario is seen putting things in his bag.

The police further spoke about the incident in a tweet, writing:

“Shoplifting is NOT a victimless crime: prices go up, quality of life goes down, criminal acts beget other criminal acts, businesses go out, etc. Yonkers Police will always do our part to provide perpetrators of crime with a legal system to hold them accountable.”

Police discovered that in cellphone footage, Franklyn was seen pushing people around him who were trying to stop him from shoplifting. He was also seen putting many items in a huge bag before leaving the store.

He is currently in police custody. However, it is not confirmed if Franklyn Rosario has hired a legal representative to speak on his behalf.