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Frank R. James is a person from New York who is considered to be the person interested in the massive donation in a Brooklyn streetcar. A man was seen with a .9mm pistol during the shooting.

The man shot nearly 10 people during the busy time and left many injured on the floor of the tram with blood on the floor. Notwithstanding, all individuals are believed to be alive and it is accepted that Frank is the main person who carried the gun.

Police say Frank R. James has some ties to Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. As evidenced by his web-based entertainment, he is said to have a place at Milwaukee. In addition, 13 people sustained non-fire-related wounds.

Frank R. James Biography

Real name Frank Whitaker
Date of birth August 8, 1959
Age (from 2022) 62 years
residence Bronx, New York, USA
Residence Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
sun sign Lion

Physical Statistics

Height in feet inches – 5′ 5” – in Centimeters – 000 cm
Weight in kilograms – 77 kilos – in pounds – 170 pounds
Hair colour
eye color Light brown
body type Average

Frank R. James Family



High school

Relationship status

Marital status Single
Affair New
Who is his wife?

Frank R. James Wiki According to his Facebook profile, Frank R. James was born on August 8, 1959 and grew up in Bronx, New York. Anyway, in 2020 he moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, lives there and works at Lucent Technologies.

Before that, he participated in a promotion program of the Department of Human Administration, Department of Employment, where he started working as a mechanic. Frank, 62, is an interesting person who is believed to be the gunman of the mass shooting that took place on the New York City streetcar.

Specialists accept that he is either connected to the shooter or has rented the U-Haul. The vital suspect found at the scene is the U-Haul that was left at the scene. According to authorities, James shared a video on YouTube for the “prophet of truth88” regarding the new brutal violations on the New York streetcar. His YouTube video is being questioned by the police about the increasing misdeeds in the metro and the bums.

Brooklyn Subway Shooting Video The YouTube video shows the on-screen photos of individuals screaming behind the figure of James. Frank R. James said individuals should help him, but in reality they were making him “riskier”. In another video, James shared a TV news report from an earlier mass shoot in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the video, he said a few words about where he planned to shoot, namely about the Molson Coors gunman, Anthony Ferrill, who was black. He said the shooter was a “victim” and “nobody says and does sh*t”. In the video, he said that “by far most people, white mother******* are bigoted”.

Whenever his Facebook page of James was discovered, he revealed the photos of firearms and comments about recent developments such as Will Smith, misconduct and gas charges. The page was created because of Frank Whitaker, who says James has lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is from the Bronx, New York. According to the New York Post, the thought individual stopped the subway and prevented further cruelty. The gunman was carrying shocking items, including smoke explosives, two of which he detonated on the spot, and three widened magazines. He fired the weapon multiple times, as reported by the New York Police Department. It was fully exposed during the evening news meeting on April 12, 2022.

Speaking at the evening meeting, Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said he was genuinely lucky that everything didn’t get worse than it was. The gunman opened two buses that spread smoke through the tram vehicle, injuring 10 people. In addition, the specialists recovered the firearm from a .9mm self-loading pistol, widened magazines, fuel, store-level fireworks, a circuit and an ax from the crime scene. The specialists also found U Haul from the crime scene believed to be associated with the suspect, but there is no confirmation on this. The police chief said in the proclamation that seven boys and three women were shot and 13 others injured from smoke inhalation, falls and an anxiety attack.

Victims articulation 27-year-old Hourari Benkada sat close to the suspect and was shot in the knee, he told CNN. he has pictured the shooting incident from now on. As per the reports, the gunman advised individuals to move or “start running” and later said “Oh oh my terrible” after detonating a smoke bomb. It was a nerve-wracking scene, with the gunman believed to have fired randomly while moving in a bustling tram-train vehicle. He detonated the smoke explosives and soon swirled around with smoke. As pointed out by one of the observers who saw the entire episode, the news said that when the train was about to hit the 36th way, the train stopped for 5 minutes.

Quite unexpectedly, the thinking man pulled the gas veil from his small outfit. He opened the fuel tanks and said, “Oh no, my terrible”. He pulled an ax and dropped the bomb on the ground, then began firing indiscriminately at individuals with the weapon. The suspect began to end up in the group. Most likely, he couldn’t see because of the out of control smoke. The observer, Catherine Garcia, 34 further added that they are all confident that the gunman would not execute them by stopping individually.


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