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Franchelli Almonte Wiki – Franchelli Almonte Biography

Franchelli Almonte to help her pick up her 17-year-old daughter, who was with a boyfriend who wouldn’t let her leave.

Almonte drove her friend to a North Side apartment, but when the girl tried to leave, her boyfriend told her she couldn’t. He threatened her. When the girl got into the car, he threw a brick through the car’s back window. Then he came over to the driver’s side of the car, where Almonte sat.

The girlfriend’s mom –Almonte’s friend — went along for the ride.

“All she was doing was giving her friend a ride,” Amy Larrieux told the news outlet, referring to her Almonte — a mother of a 7-year-old daughter and a son, 11.

When Almonte and her friend arrived, the boyfriend was reportedly refusing to let his girlfriend leave. He tossed a brick at Almonte’s car when his girlfriend managed to enter the vehicle.

He then targeted Almonte, stabbing her as she tried to defend herself with a stick she kept inside her car for protection.

Franchelli Almonte Age

Franchelli Almonte was 36 years old.


She leaves behind two kids, a 7-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son. Almonte came to Syracuse from Puerto Rico about 12 years ago and had established a life here. She used to work at Loretto and recently started at Pace CNY, a senior care service. Almonte’s true passion, however, was event planning.

“She had so much going (for her) … and for all this to happen and for all that to stop like this, it’s just…,” Larrieux said, her words trailing off.

Cause of Death

She tried to ward him off with a stick she kept in the car for self-defense. Instead, he stabbed her.

“All she was doing was giving her friend a ride,” said Amy Larrieux, another friend of Almonte.

Later that night, Almonte, 36, mother of two, was pronounced dead at Upstate University Hospital, according to police and friends.

The details of the confrontation and fatal stabbing were told to Larrieux by a Syracuse police detective and were independently confirmed by Syracuse.com | The Post-Standard with a source familiar with the investigation.

Police are looking for the girl’s boyfriend, who is 17 years old. Police have not yet released his name or the details of the fatal stabbing.

Almonte’s friends described her as protective. She was considerate enough to tell others to take care of themselves and selfless enough to never take her own advice, Larrieux said.

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Almonte received the call from her friend to help pick up the girl shortly after leaving work on Friday night, Larrieux said.

For three years, the boy had been “controlling” and “disrespectful,” said Larrieux, who also is a friend of the mother. The girl’s mother had implored the two to separate but the relationship had been on and off since it started, Larrieux said.

On Friday night, the girl called her mother and asked if she could come get her because the boy had put his hands on her, Larrieux said.

Almonte drove up to 320 Spring St. around 6 p.m. with her friend. When the girl got into the car, her boyfriend tried to get her out of the car. He hurled threats toward the three of them and later a brick at the car.

Almonte, a single mother, always kept the stick in her car in case someone tried to attack her or her kids, Larrieux said. The boy reached for her door as Almonte grabbed the stick. He pulled the stick from Almonte’s hands before stabbing her, Larrieux said the detective told her.

Almonte drove away with her friend and the girl in the car. Just a few minutes later, about a quarter of a mile from the stabbing, Almonte stopped the car in the 100 block of Carbon Street. She realized it had become hard to breathe, Larrieux said the detective told her.

Before Almonte’s friends were able to flag down a police officer who’d been responding to the call, she lost consciousness. Then she stopped breathing.

Investigation Report

Almonte drove away after being stabbed, but stopped the car less than a mile from the scene and lost consciousness, the report said.

Police have made no arrests in the fatal stabbing. Larrieux, another friend of Almonte, said the boyfriend was “controlling” and “disrespectful” during his three-year relationship with the girl.


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