Florida Man Catches Alligator in a Trash Can

Florida Man Catches Alligator in a Trash Can

A video has gone viral showing a man from Florida capturing an alligator with nothing but a trash can. Abdul Malik first shared the video on social media, according to local media, and now the video has gone viral. Watch the video and learn more below.

He used a trash can to fight an alligator

In the video below, you can see the man using a trash can to fight an alligator.

In fir trees, the alligator simply recoils when the trash can approaches, but then the alligator begins to bite, flail, and violently counterattack. But the man finally wins when he can flip the trash can upside down and capture the crocodile completely inside, closing the lid. The video stops at that point and it is unclear what happened next.

The Free Press reported that the man’s name is Abdul Malik and he commented on social media: “I have children to protect.”

People can be heard shouting in the background as the alligator fights back, with some people saying, “Go away! To go! Go! “Then they cheer on the man when he’s successful. It appears that at least one other person took a video of the entire incident, which means there could be another video showing what happened from a different angle.

Here’s a YouTube version of the video, shared by the Galaxy Views account.

Florida man catches alligator using Waste Management trash canhow to catch an alligator using the trash at home.2021-09-29T03: 40: 54Z

When the video was shared on Digg.comThe account noted: “We highly recommend that you contact your local animal control officer before doing this, but the Florida man marches to the beat of his own drummer.”

On Twitter, people had numerous comments to make about the daring video. One person commented: “The man had socks and flip flops. That’s the official uniform of The Florida man. ”

On Twitter, Jeremy Newberger wrote: “This is amazing, but I would like Florida man just teach my son how to get the recycling out on time. Just that and he would be my hero. ”

Others suggested that he get a sponsorship deal with Adidas.

In response to the video on YouTube, one person commented: “… I can’t put my cat in the pet cage … this guy is an MF-ing G”

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