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Fiona Lashells, who just turned 8, has refused to wear a mask at school for months. As a result, she has been suspended 38 times. In July, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order making face masks optional in schools. In local school districts like Fiona’s in Palm Beach County, the mask mandates still apply.

“You wear it for a long time and you breathe in all those germs,” Fiona said. “You left it at lunch, put it back on your face, and breathed it in all day. Now whenever Fiona refuses to wear a mask, she is suspended and sent home with a note explaining why. “I was really surprised,” said Bailey Lashell, Fiona’s mother. “I could not believe that everything had ended without fulfilling the mandate of the mask.”

Fiona Lashells Age

Fiona Lashells is 8 years old.

Fiona Lashells Suspended 38 times over mask could flunk

A Florida second-grader, who was suspended 38 times for refusing to wear a mask at school, told the local board that they should be in jail. 8-year-old Fiona Lashells confronted the Palm Beach County school board and told her how she felt about her rules. Fiona has gone through the wringer with multiple disciplinary actions at school.

“Fiona has shifted her priorities a bit and is on a mission to reclaim, not just her rights, but the constitutional rights of all American children, from the tyrannical school board run by a financial expert who has no knowledge of how to safely run and effectively the 10th largest school district in America, “her mother, Bailey Lashells, told The Free Press. Lashells said her daughter “has been steadfast in her unwavering resolve not to back down from tyranny and madness and vowing to do everything possible for every child who attends.” through these illegal mandates. ”

The masking mandates have caused many spirits at school and Fiona’s case is one of many. In September of this year, Iowa parents threatened to take their children out and underfund a school by mandate of masks. Quite the opposite happened in Texas, when James Akers, a father stripped down to his underwear at a board meeting to remind himself of the importance of wearing masks.

“Fiona is a strong-minded and brave young woman who was ready to conquer the world at 7 years old. Unfortunately, the hitting doesn’t seem to stop, as he was recently told after completing every assignment that his teacher will tell him that not only is he failing 2nd grade, but there is no way he can catch up, according to his teacher, ”Lashells said. Speaking at a school board meeting, Fiona said that she believes the masks are dirty and pointless. Fiona said, “Okay yeah, I hope everyone goes to jail for doing this to me,” adding that her family is proud of her and the rules “suck.”

Recently, several parents of students in US schools opposed the security measures put in place to keep the coronavirus, which is plaguing the world, at bay. They resorted to peculiar and, in some cases, even violent tactics. For example, the parents of an elementary school threatened to tie up the principal.

Some parents dissatisfied with a mask mandate in the Ankeny Community School District near Des Moines, Iowa, decided to take their children out of school and also starve the district of funds. A spokesperson told The Daily Beast that on October 1, the Iowa Department of Education conducts a certified enrollment count that helps determine the number of funds that are allocated individually to districts for the following year. Therefore, if a student leaves the district before the count on October 1, it is likely that she will not be counted toward the funding award for the following school year.

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