Father of two injured in NYC U-Haul rampage placed in medically induced coma: family

One of the enduring casualties struck by an off the wall U-Take driver in Brooklyn was recognized Tuesday as a caring dad of two who’s been put in a restoratively prompted extreme lethargies.

Mohammed Zakaria Salah Rakchi, 36, had quite recently dropped his 7-year-old little girl off at school and was getting things done for his family when he was cut down in Narrows Edge by blamed driver Weng Sor presently before 10:20 a.m. Monday, his significant other, Nadjet Tchenar, told journalists at a public interview.

Rakchi, a conveyance bicycle driver, endured “enormous head injury” and was set in a restoratively prompted unconsciousness after he was taken to a close by emergency clinic, Tchenar said. The dad has a subdural hematoma, rib cracks and leg breaks and is in basic condition, the troubled family said.

“I don’t have words to portray my sentiments now,” Tchenar said. “My better half is a great individual, a decent dad, a beautiful spouse. Please accept my apologies for what’s befallen him; I don’t have any idea what to say regarding that.”

Tchenar — who shares a 3-year-old child and 7-year-old little girl with Rakchi — said she last addressed her better half not long from now before he was misled in the frenzy that harmed seven others and left one dead.

The lamenting mother has held two legal counselors who intend to lead their own autonomous examination concerning the occurrence — including the rapid police pursue that happened before the suspect was at long last caught in Red Snare.

“Something that we will be taking a gander at as far as how this misfortune happened is the lead of the NYPD, and we will be taking a gander at vehicle pursuit strategies to see whether what they did was as per their real strategies,” lawyer Derek Sells said.

Sells noticed that a police cruiser jumped the control and pursued Sor during the pursuit, a hazardous move that was gotten on observation video. “[O]ne should puzzle over whether this was a setting off occasion for this driver and what could have driven him to do the things that he did,” Sells said.

Sor — who has an extended rap sheet in Nevada and a background marked by psychological sickness — “was experiencing a psychological well-being emergency” when he cut down a few people on foot, e-bicycle riders and a cop during his fierce binge that endured over 60 minutes, police said Tuesday.

However most are supposed to recuperate, One casualty, 44-year-old Yijie Ye — a dad of three who accepted a position as a Uber Eats driver to assist with taking care of his children — died in the wake of experiencing a deadly head injury.

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