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Ezra Blount is fighting for his life after being trampled by the fatal surge of crowds at Travis Scott‘s Astroworld festival over the weekend, People reported. Ezra, who is currently in a medically induced coma at Texas Children’s Hospital, was sitting on the shoulders of his father Treston Blount at the concert when the stampede began, killing 8 and injuring hundreds.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Ezra fell into the crowd and was trampled after his father Treston passed out from the pressure of the surge. “He (Ezra) was listed as a John Doe because no one knew his name and the father was still on-site at the medical facility,” said Ezra’s grandfather, Bernon Blount. Ezra’s family says the boy has brain swelling, which got progressively worse on Monday, and that all of his organs are damaged. Doctors believe that he, too, suffered cardiac arrest.

Ezra Blount in Coma after being trampled at Travis Scott’s Astroworld

Among the survivors of the Travis Scott Astroworld concert tragedy is nine-year-old Ezra Blount, who fights for his life in a children’s hospital after falling off his father’s shoulders and being trampled on by terrified fans. “He is still in critical condition in an induced coma, we are praying and waiting,” said Ezra’s aunt, Taylor Gabrielle Blount. Ezra reportedly suffers from increasing brain inflammation. His organs are damaged.

“They told us that he was not expected to live, but it has been three days, so we are praying that he will move on. He’s a fighter, “Ezra’s aunt told The Sun.” My brother passed out in the crowd after the crowd started pushing them. He had Ezra on his shoulders. When my brother woke up, he couldn’t find it. ”

Ezra was initially taken to an unnamed hospital because his father could not be found. “At first he was admitted to the hospital as a John Doe, so we had to find him,” Blount said. “I guess because the paramedics had already taken him away. We think he fell into the crowd and was trampled on.” “My brother is very worried about Ezra, but he himself is fine. His mother Tamra of his is in a very fragile state at the moment, he still cannot speak,” she added.

The aunt continued: “Ezra is phenomenal, he’s a fan of Fornite [the video game], which is the way they introduced him to Travis Scott, and his father Treston is a fan, they loved him. They went together, it was meant to be an experience. learning to introduce it to live music, but it became something more. ”

“Ezra loves to sing, both he and his father love to act,” said Blount. “It’s really disappointing. Travis, who’s from Houston, has the key to the city and something like that happened. People should be able to enjoy music because it’s the one thing that holds all races and ethnicities together. They needed to take more precautions. there had to be more security, more exits, a lot of people struggled to get out. He should have been arrested after the first death. ”

On December 13, Ezra will turn 10 years old. “He’s a very funny and outgoing kid. He can talk to anyone, he’s an innocent kid, it’s shocking that this happened to him,” said Blount.

Among the several people who were seriously injured in the stampede was 10-year-old Thomas Drought, who was found on the concert floor with head injuries, according to sources. However, unverified sources on Twitter claimed that he has succumbed to his injuries, but no official report has been released confirming the news.

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