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Ethan Peters Wiki – Biography

Ethan Peters, better known as “Ethan Is Supreme” on his YouTube and social media channels. Peters, who garnered over 519,000 followers on Instagram and 138,000 subscribers on YouTube, was also memorialized by Ava Louise on Instagram. She wrote, “He was the only person I spoke to for months. I was all alone and struggling and Ethan inspired me again. He was here with me for my birthday 2 weeks ago and I’m so thankful I got to spend it with him… We had our last FaceTime call last night and I am so so so sorry I cut it short.”

Originally from Texas, Peters started his YouTube channel in 2017. In his second-ever video, Peters opened up about being kicked out of school for being gay.

After Peters came out, he received a lot of support from his friends and fellow students at school, and he clarifies in the video that he wasn’t exactly kicked out – but that it was heavily implied they wanted him to leave school.

“They brought up the rule book about biblical morals and statements.. they pulled that up and showed me the rule I’d broken, and I was like ‘Okay I’m gonna be expelled. Is this okay?’ So, basically they’re asking us to borderline leave and they’re about to implement a rule that we need to leave.”

“I want it to be known, I’m not bragging on myself, I don’t curse in school, I don’t wear make-up in school. I don’t get in fights in school. I’m a good kid. I get good grades. My teachers like… That’s how I know this wasn’t a situation of he actually is doing bad stuff online, this is a situation of where ‘I’m targeting you.’”

Ethan Peters Age

Ethan Peters was 17 years old.


His family information is unclear.

Cause of Death

Ethan Peters, better known as “Ethan Is Supreme” on his YouTube and social media channels, died from an apparent drug overdose on September 5, as reported by his best friend Ava Louise on Twitter.

Ava Louise said in a series of tweets, “Addiction is a disease. I had to pull Ethan aside in recent weeks and have talks with him about usage. Everyone close to him was scared. I just wish I f***ing tried harder. I f***ing wish I had yelled at him more. I wish I didn’t enable a single pill he popped.”

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“I can’t breathe,” Ava Louise continued. “This is the worst pain I ever felt. I’ve lost friends but never a best friend. Ethan saw me through my lows and celebrated my highs with me. He was so much more than what you all saw online.”


Ava Louise asked his fans to respect Peters’ family privacy during this time. “Ethan f***ng Peters, I’m gunna make sure your legacy lives on. You were meant for so much. The smartest teenager I knew,” she wrote. “I hope there’s an afterlife and you’re doing wild shit up there I really f***ing do.”


Peters was a beloved member of the online make-up influencer community. Cole Carrigan shared the following tribute to Peters on Instagram:

“You have inspired me with your makeup looks ever since I first started makeup. You were my first real friend in this messed-up industry when I was nothing and treated me equally. You were the first collab I ever did and I felt so cool that you wanted to do it with me. The beauty community lost an extremely talented soul today and may you rest easy. my prayers go out to his family and closest friends, please don’t hesitate to reach out if anything is needed. Love you, Ethan.”


One day before Peters died, he shared a throwback photo of himself next to a picture of what he looks like now. He captioned the post, “Would just like to thank everyone who bullied me. I do this like once every year to see how much I’ve changed and the only thing that hasn’t is the dark circles sksks.”



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