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When Erin Azar first started running two years ago, she had no idea she’d ever run a marathon — or go viral on TikTok. Better known to her 679K followers as Mrs. Space Cadet, Azar is just days away from running in the 2021 New York City Marathon — her first in-person marathon. It’s a journey that started shortly after she welcomed her third child.

“I was in that postpartum period, maybe four months-ish, where I felt exhausted” and not “right mentally and physically,” she tells PEOPLE. “I just decided, something has to give. Even though her sneakers had holes in them, Azar decided “I’m just going to try and run” — and afterward, she went home and told her husband, “I think this is really good for me, we’re going to have to figure out a way to make it work.”

Hopefully, I Can Cross the Finish Line

Just weeks after her trip, the mother of three, who had already been documenting her progress on YouTube, shared her first running video on TikTok. To her surprise, it instantly went viral, garnering over 1 million views that day. “I’ll probably never forget him. He was 36 at the time, so he was old for the social media stuff, especially TikTok,” says Azar, now 38.

“I remember sitting in the living room that night, my husband was in front of me, we put the kids to bed and I was like, ‘I don’t understand. I keep going to my notifications. I like the comments, but then when I come out, it still says 99 + at the bottom ‘”, he remembers. “I’m like, ‘I think something’s wrong with my account.'”

Of course, it didn’t take Azar long to realize that there was nothing wrong with her account; she had simply “hit a nerve in a good way with people about running. Before posting the first video of her, Azar said that she searched all over social media to find” realistic videos “for beginners, but” couldn’t. find nothing “.

“I was like, ‘Relatable running,’ ‘Running when you’re overweight,'” she recalled. So that’s why I tried posting on TikTok, “she explained.” All she wanted was to find a community in which she felt she fit. Turns out he just had to be part of the community. ”

A self-proclaimed “skilled wrestling racer,” Azar’s videos aren’t like those “perfect” races that dominate most social media. Maybe my shorts will ride up, maybe my glasses will fog up, maybe I didn’t bring enough hydration and I need my husband to pick me up midway, “she says.” There is always something, there is a great variety of struggles. ”

“My husband says, ‘You share too much, you were born without the shame gene,'” she jokes. “But I think because I was trying to find that kind of content, once I started doing it and people said, ‘Yeah, this is great,’ I kept going. The more real the better.”

As for participating in a marathon, well, like her running race in general, things escalated quickly. I remember in one of those early TikTok racing videos I said, ‘Welcome back to another episode of a mildly overweight person drinking too much beer trying to train for a marathon,’ “he recalls, noting that at the time,” I think he ran two miles. ”

Despite the fact that at the time he had “no idea how long it would take” to train for a marathon, he has no regrets. Advertising it online makes you responsible, “he says. Now, Azar is ready to participate in the New York City Marathon, something she didn’t plan to do until recently, after the New Jersey Marathon was canceled in August.

“I just thought, ‘You know what? I’m going to take a year away,'” he recalled. “But after making that decision, a friend of mine at AfterShokz said, ‘Hey, there’s a spot on Team Fox. You could raise money for Parkinson’s research.” Although Azar didn’t have “much time to train”, she “felt it was meant to be.” My dad has Parkinson’s, “she explains.” I just couldn’t say no. What if I never have that opportunity again? I was like, ‘Screw it. I have to do it.’ Hopefully, I can cross the finish line. ”

“He used to run and never got to run the New York City Marathon, so I think it’s great that he gets the chance,” she says of her father. “He’s very quiet and reserved, so he doesn’t talk much, but I know he’s very proud.” In addition to running, Azar also hopes to raise $ 100k for Parkinson’s research, a goal he has until the end of November to reach.

It’s amazing what even $ 1 can make out of a ton of people,” she says. “I feel like there’s a chance that we can make it on race day, I’m trying to stay optimistic about it. Either way, we blew the original goal on day one.” In the first 24 hours, Azar says his fans raised $ 20,000, far more than the $ 5,500 he initially hoped to raise. He is now more than halfway from his goal, having raised over $ 66K. As for what he hopes race day brings, Azar simply has his eyes on the finish line.

“Run everything and finish,” he says about his goal. “I really don’t want to set a rhythm or a moment because I like to keep my expectations low and then I’m always proud of myself. Besides all her fans, Azar’s family will cheer her on every step of that includes her three children, who They are too young to fully understand what you do for a living, but they stand behind you anyway.

“My oldest son is 7 years old. He doesn’t know exactly what TikTok is,” says Azar. “There is some confusion there, but they are so proud of me. They just know that I’m doing well and that I’m happy. I feel like that’s amazing in itself.”

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