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Erik Cowie, the zookeeper on Netflix’s quirky animal documentary series “Tiger King,” has died at age 53. Authorities found Cowie’s body on September 3 in New York City, TMZ reported after a friend found him face down in a bedroom. It is unclear why the animal trainer was in the Big Apple, as he lived in Oklahoma. No drugs were found at the scene and a toxicology report is expected.

Cowie appeared on the reality show as one of star Joe Exotic’s longtime animal caretakers, now incarcerated. After 58-year-old Joe was sent to jail, Cowie stayed and cared for his big cats at the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. He later testified against the animal breeder that he allegedly abused and killed some of his animals.

Cowie was arrested for DUI in Oklahoma earlier this year after being involved in a car accident. He pleaded guilty and was supposed to be sentenced shortly after the incident, but did not appear for his hearing.

Many fans have speculated in the past that Cowie’s crooked teeth were due to methamphetamine use. He denied that rumor and once said that the bad pearly whites on him were due to old age. He received dental implants in July 2020 from fellow “Tiger King” star Jeff Lowe. Cowie had admitted to having a drinking problem in the past and, according to TMZ, previously said that he was “at the end of [his his] rope” with his alcoholism before meeting Joe.

Erik Cowie Age

Erik Cowie was 53 years old.

Erik Cowie Cause of Death

‘Tiger King’ star Erik Cowie, who was a zookeeper on the Netflix series, was found dead while lying face down on a bed inside a residence in New York City on Friday night, September 3. . He was 53 years old. It was not immediately clear what Cowie was doing in New York, as he resides in Oklahoma. The reports cited that “there was nothing suspicious in the death” and that “no drugs were found at the scene”, however a toxicology test is likely to be performed.

Erik Cowie, who made several appearances on last year’s hit Netflix show ‘Tiger King’ as one of Joe Exotic’s animal keepers, has admitted to having a drinking problem in the past. Cowie previously said that he was “at the end of (his) rope” with his drinking problems before encountering Joe Exotic’s ‘Tiger King’. Earlier this year, Cowie even received a DUI in Oklahoma after a car accident. Cowie pleaded guilty and was scheduled to be sentenced later, but never showed up for his hearing.

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Erik Cowie was one of Joe Exotic’s longtime animal caretakers, having worked at his zoo for eight years. However, relations between Cowie and Exotic soured when the latter was arrested in June 2018 for hiring two different hitmen to kill animal rights activist Carole Baskin and various charges of animal abuse. Cowie testified against Exotic at trial and told the court that he had witnessed him order the execution of several zoo animals.

Cowie said in an interview earlier this year that he witnessed the Exotic kill more than 100 tigers. “Joe only cared about them in a monetary way,” and he added that one lion, in particular, hated Exotic so much that he was “trying to bite the cage to get him.” “I learned a lot from Joe, mostly about not what to do,” Cowie added. Although Cowie’s testimony helped secure Exotic’s 22-year prison sentence, he stayed at the zoo after Joe was incarcerated.


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