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Eric Murray is a former Olympic gold medalist and current participant in “Hitting the Dance Floor with The Stars NZ”. His accomplice is Loryn Reynolds, a previous Miss Universe finalist.

Eric Murray is a sacked rower from New Zealand. He had set two of the world’s best timings in the wheelless pair and the steering wheel pair, which are the best so far in both boat classes as of 2021. Keep reading to see further into his own life.

Who is Eric Murray dancing with Stars NZ wife Jackie Robertson? Their married life Eric Murray has revealed that paddling was a focal point in his divorce. Eric Robertson, who won Olympic gold in paddling in 2012 and again in Rio in 2016, divorced his better half, Jackie Robertson, in 2019.

To end their position in 2006, the couple exchanged marriage vows and kissed in front of a large group. They went to many big occasions together. Eric and Jackie attended the 54th Halberg Awards at the Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand, on February 9, 2017.

Jackie, currently Jackie Robertson, is the eldest girl of a former New Zealand rower who won an Olympic gold in Munich in 1972. He’s Gary Robertson. The Robertsons invested some energy in Australia before returning to Cambridge, New Zealand.

Eric Murray and his wife Jackie Robertson Age difference Since Jackie Robertson’s age data is not accessible, it is impossible to uncover the age contrast of the previous couple. Eric Murray is at least 39 years old.

Eric was born in 1982 and will celebrate his upcoming birthday on May 6, 2022. How many children do Eric and Jackie have? Eric Murray, an Olympic gold medalist in paddling, has resigned from the game, but he accepts that his most remarkable struggle is still ahead of him to ensure a bright future for his mentally unbalanced child, Zac.

Her PCP informed Jackie that since she recently gave birth prematurely, she probably won’t have the opportunity to give birth to a cub. Zac didn’t talk enough with his parents when he was a year and a half old. Eric was at the peak of his paddling profession at the time and had won gold in London quite recently in 2012.

Eric and Jackie are currently Zac’s co-caretakers. Eric Murray Family Information Eric Murray was born to Annette Murray and Peter Murray and grew up near his more seasoned sister, Fiona, in Hastings, New Zealand.

The family moved to Manurewa when he was a child. Before long, they were buying land in Bombay, where Murray grew up and went to primary school. Eric appreciated swimming challenges in school and then moved on to marathons. Murray stopped running because he was getting too tall and hated it at Pukekohe High School.

His parents didn’t dare go to Rio to watch their child win his second uninterrupted Olympic gold award in men’s bar-less paddling. Despite that, they cheered as if they were in Rio with their loved ones.


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