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Divorce Court Judge Lynn Toler announced the passing of her husband, Eric Mumford, on Thursday, January 4, 2023. Eric Mumford was 71 years old at the time of his death on December 23, 2022. His cause of death has not been determined. revealed so far. writing this article.

Judge Toler took to Instagram to make the announcement, posting a video with the caption:

“Eric Mumford BigE. Jan 1, 1951 – Dec 23, 2022. I’m in a million pieces.”
The couple, whose marriage was an inspiration to many, were together for 33 years.

The video was inscribed with the words “Beautiful Man. Both inside and out”, and included Anita Baker’s Sweet Love playing in the background.

Lynn Toler and her husband, Eric Mumford, met in 1986 and were married on April 6, 1989. The couple had two sons, William and Xavier Mumford, who are now 30 years old. Eric Mumford also had four children from his previous marriage.

Divorce court saved Lynn Toler’s marriage

In addition to being a cape, 63-year-old Lynn Toler, born in Columbus, Ohio, is the author of Making Marriage Work. She was also the host of the television series Divorce Court for 13 years until March 2020, when Faith Jenkins took over. Although not much is known about Eric Mumford, also known as Big E by Toler, he was reportedly a retired accountant.

The couple began dating in 1986 and married in 1989 after a two-year engagement. On her anniversary in 2022, Judge Toler shared the trajectory of their relationship through a carousel of photos on Instagram, mentioning that they were “ruthlessly married at lunchtime.”

He mentioned that she and Big E were married for 33 years and together for 35. He claimed that there was no “happily ever after” and that all that mattered was the “journey.”

Big E, who had four children from his first marriage, also had two sons with Lynn Toler, named William and Xavier. William Mumford-Toler is an audio engineer and Xavier-Mumford Toler is a basketball player.

Judge Lynn Toler has always been candid about her personal life and wrote an op-ed for HuffPost in 2017 giving insight into her relationship with Mumford. She also confessed that while the reality show might seem over the top or “voyeuristic,” Divorce Court played a huge role in saving her marriage, which was “off the road and mired in the weeds” in its 19th year.

She wrote:

“When my husband and I were facing the marital abyss, I learned a valuable lesson from divorce court that helped me at home.”
According to Toler, the cases she encountered made her realize the importance of communication and overcoming insecurity. She claimed that the couple took time to understand each other’s perspectives and “fight the issue rather than fight each other.”

She added that their strong bond and commitment to each other allowed them to have a long marriage, as she stated:

“Of course, this does not guarantee that we will be happily ever after. Marriage is quite a journey and things change all the time. We have made a conscious decision to marry consciously. We also cross our fingers.”
Following the announcement of Eric Mumford’s death, Lynn Toler received condolences from fans and friends, including her former family from her Divorce Court.

Lynn Toler currently co-hosts and ‘marriage mentor’ on the We TV reality series Marriage Boot Camp.