Dog park ‘Karen’ Emma Sarley tells Black author and fiancee to ‘stay in their hood’

Dog park ‘Karen’ Emma Sarley tells Black author and fiancee to ‘stay in their hood’

New York Times bestselling author Frederick T Joseph and his fiancee were allegedly harassed by a racist woman at a Brooklyn dog park when they took their dog for a walk on Saturday, September 25. The white woman, later identified as Emma Sarley, confronted the black couple mistaking her dog for another nearby dog ​​that was barking loudly. During the altercation, Sarley told Joseph and his fiancée to “stay in your neighborhood,” an offensive phrase directed at blacks. When Joseph started recording her, Sarley tried to take the phone out of her hand and waved his finger at her as well. Later, another man who witnessed the entire episode confirmed on camera that Sarley used the racist phrase.

Joseph shared the video on Twitter writing: “At the dog park in Brooklyn with my fiance and this white woman was threatening to call the police and told us to ‘stay in our neighborhood’ because she had mistaken our dog for another dog. I had been barking. ” out loud … So, I started recording and she tried to take the phone out of my hand. ”

In the video, Joseph can be heard asking Sarley, “Did you just leave the dog park to tell us to stay in our neighborhood?” In response, he seems defiant at first, but then he says, “OMG, did you just tell me that? M-t.” Joseph then sought the help of a man who was nearby and asked, “I’m sorry you were here and saw all this. Didn’t you stay here and tell us to stay in our neighborhood?” To which the boy replied, “He did.” Sarley seemed surprised and shocked at the onlooker supporting the black couple, and he quickly left.

The footage went viral on social media and internet detectives managed to find the identity of the ‘Karen’. Joseph then posted an update with a screenshot of her LinkedIn profile, showing Emma Sarley as an alumnus of New York University and currently working as a business account executive at Bevy. A profile of Zola also confirmed that she was the wife of Jordan Anderson.

Meanwhile, Joseph is the author of ‘The Black Friend’ and a named marketer on the ‘Forbes Under 30’ list. On Twitter, he is followed by top-notch celebrities, including Chris Evans. Joseph is engaged to Porsche Landon, who joined him on September 25. The couple had visited McCarren Park in Williamsburg to run dogs.

After Emma Sarley was identified, Joseph sent a tweet to Bevy requesting that the company take action against his racist employee. According to the latest update, she has fired from her job shortly after. “I have been told that @DerekjAndersen and @bevyhq have sidelined Emma Sarley as her racism against me and her fiancé does not align with their values. I hope this is a lesson in responsibility and consequences for Emma and others.”. Joseph tweeted.

He is not sure if a police report has been filed on the incident, but the NYPD said they were investigating it.

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