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Elizabeth Wurtzel Wiki – Biography

She was born on July 31, 1967 in New York, United States. Elizabeth Lee Wurtzel was an American writer and journalist, known for publishing her best-selling memoir Prozac Nation at the age of 27. She received a BA in comparative literature from Harvard College and a JD from Yale Law School.

Elizabeth Wurtzel Age

She was 52 years old.

Early Life

Wurtzel was brought up in New York City, in a Jewish family. Her parents, Lynne Winters and Donald Wurtzel, divorced when she was young. Her mother is a media consultant.

As described in her memoir Prozac Nation, Wurtzel’s depression began at the ages of ten to twelve. Wurtzel admitted to cutting herself when she was in adolescence, and of spending her teenage years in an environment of emotional angst, substance misuse, bad relationships, and frequent fights with family members.

She grew up on the Upper East Side and attended the Ramaz School in New York City. While an undergraduate at Harvard College, she wrote for The Harvard Crimson and The Dallas Morning News.

She was fired from the latter publication in 1988 after being accused of plagiarism. Wurtzel also received the 1986 Rolling Stone College Journalism Award. Wurtzel subsequently moved to Greenwich Village in New York City and found work as pop music critic for The New Yorker and New York Magazine.

A critic for The New York Times characterized her contributions to the former publication as “unintentionally hilarious.” Dwight Garner wrote in Salon.com that her column “was so roundly despised that I sometimes felt like its only friend in the world.

Elizabeth Wurtzel Husband

Wurtzel met photo editor and aspiring novelist James Freed Jr. in October 2013 at an addiction-themed reading.They became engaged in September 2014 and married in May 2015. As of 2019, Wurtzel had reported that they had “separated.”


Cause of Death

In February 2015, Wurtzel announced she had breast cancer, “which like many things that happen to women is mostly a pain in the ass. But compared with being 26 and crazy and waiting for some guy to call, it’s not so bad.

If I can handle 39 breakups in 21 days, I can get through cancer.” She said of her double mastectomy and reconstruction, “It is quite amazing.

They do both at the same time. You go in with breast cancer and come out with stripper boobs. Wurtzel died in Manhattan from leptomeningeal disease as a complication of metastasized breast cancer on January 7, 2020, at age 52.


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