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Elizabeth Kartchner Wiki – Elizabeth Kartchner Biography

Elizabeth Kartchner is a Product Designer for American Crafts and blogger at Dear Lizzy, a lifestyle/DIY blog. Elizabeth and her late husband, Collin Kartchner, started an online workshop website: Something Splendid!, where they enjoy handpicking, designing, videotaping, and teaching online classes.

She has collaborated with American Crafts, and design her own line of Dear Lizzy craft products, which can be found at major chain stores across the country and as well as around the world.

She won a contest that included a column in Creating Keepsakes magazine. That lead to “52 more Scrapbooking Challenges.” A book she wrote that is “full of inspiring pages to jump-start your creativity.”

Elizabeth Kartchner Age

Elizabeth Kartchner’s age is unclear. Her husband Collin Kartchner was born on July 29, 1980, and died on October 20, 2020, at the age of 40.

Elizabeth Kartchner & Collin Kartchner

Elizabeth Kartchner was married to her husband Collin Kartchner. During her husband’s 40th birthday, she wrote in an Instagram post about how lucky she was to spend her life with her husband. She wrote: “I like to imagine God was in a really good mood when he made Collin! I feel so lucky to spend my life with this amazing human… because he is fire!

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“He’ll walk into any room and effortlessly fill it with laughter and happiness! You don’t have to dig deep to find his heart of gold! The kindest, puppy dog love that he’ll literally take the shoes off his feet and give them to you.

“He has a bear hug that could heal your soul in 8 seconds and enthusiasm to leave you ready to take on the world. I love how Avery calls him her best friend… and how excited Myles is to run and tell him the smallest things! He has a certain magic to turn pain into passion and trials into lessons.”


Elizabeth Kartchner and Collin Kartchner have four children: Avery, Quincey, Lola, and Myles.



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