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Rubén Doblas Gundersen (Spanish: [ruˈβen ˈdoβlaz ˈɣundeɾsen]; born 13 February 1990), better known as elrubiusOMG or simply El Rubius (Spanish: [el ˈruβjus]), is a Spanish-Norwegian YouTuber whose channel primarily consists of gameplays and vlogs. He has the most subscribers in Spain and is among the 50 channels with the most subscribers of the platform in the world.

In 2014 he published El Libro Troll (English: The Troll Book). During 2015 and 2017 he published a total of three comics from his Virtual Hero series. He also participated in an anime series based on comics. A tweet from his official Twitter account was the most retweeted tweet in the world since 2016. The tweet was often retweeted.

El Rubius
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El Rubius at Club Media Fest in 2017

BornRubén Doblas Gundersen
(1990-02-13) 13 February 1990 (age 32)
Partner(s)Irina Isasia (2016–present)
Years active2006–present
Total views7,450,000,000
YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg100,000 subscribers2012
YouTube Gold Play Button 2.svg1,000,000 subscribers2013
YouTube Diamond Play Button.svg10,000,000 subscribers2015

Last updated: June 2022

In 2016, Time magazine included him in its list of “next generation leaders” and named him an “online conqueror”. In 2018, he obtained the world record of viewers live during an online YouTube broadcast for an tournament of the Fortnite video game. He is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, with the third-most-followed Twitch channel in the world.

Early life

Rubén Doblas Gundersen was born on 13 February 1990 in Mijas, Andalusia, Spain. He is the son of a Norwegian mother named Bente and a Spanish father, with a younger sister named Liv on his mother’s side and two brothers on his father’s side. When he was three years old, his parents divorced; he and his mother moved to Bergen, where she became a partner with another Spanish person named Héctor, to whom Rubius often refers as “The Godfather” in his videos. He moved back to Madrid because of this. He went through primary and secondary school there. His first console was an SNES, to which he admitted that it was essential to develop his love for video games and geek culture and that if it hadn’t been for that he would never have reached where he was.

In his high school stage, his parents separated again when aged 16. He relocated to Norway again and finished his studies and returned to Spain with his godfather. He worked as an intern and in a supermarket there. He later entered to study 3D modelling and animation in Arteneo School in Madrid.

First channel and beginnings (2006-2011)

Rubén Doblas Gundersen created his first YouTube channel on 2006 under the name of “elrubius”. He claimed this channel to be a play on words referring to his name and the fact that he had blonde hair when he was little. His first video “The audience” was uploaded on 8 December 2006. His video was a montage of the video game Grand Theft Auto IV in English. During 2011, he began regularly uploading videos of montages of the newer video game Skyrim, to which Rubius commented on unusual and humorous situations. In January 2012, despite the growing popularity of his videos, he announced that he would change his channel because the one he had at that time could not be associated with a contract with Machinima Network, Inc. This was due to uploading three copyright infringement complaints on YouTube.

Content and reception style

The content of El Rubius’ channels are primarily gameplays, sketches, vlogs, and montages, mostly related to video games, with the particularity that they are made with humour, satire, and sarcasm. One of the most notorious points of its success and virality in his videos is due to the charisma, naturalness, simplicity, and direct language that he has, in addition to connecting with his audience and establishing a strong connection with the people (in average between 14 and 23 years old) who identify with him. Unlike other television personalities or content creators, he does not play a character, but only shows himself naturally, leading to greater acceptance from the masses.

When he first appeared on YouTube trending in 2012, the public was used to commentators like Willyrex, who sought to highlight the details of a video game, in addition to summarising plays in various online games. Rubius offered a change of fresh air, with a more dynamic and more edited content, in addition to performing it with acid, black, absurd, and surreal humour.

GQ magazine described him as “the throbbing incarnation of a generation gap”, in addition to commenting: “His videos encapsulate a high school mentality that we would never, ever think would be legitimized within such a massive platform. That has been his true triumph: turning something as fleeting as adolescent immaturity, or the clumsy search for identity through the outburst or bullshit, into pure spectacle”. The New York Times wrote that “in the videos it is always clear that he lives between two dimensions, that of the screen with its massive audience and that of his room (in a hotel when he travels), his cat and his friends. This double reality leads in The Troll Book, the comics and the anime series”.


During January 2021, El Rubius announced via a Twitch broadcast that he was going to move to Andorra to live closer to his friends and avoid the public recognition that he had while living in Madrid. This caused controversy in social networks since several YouTubers and streamers had taken this initiative due to the lower tax burden in that country.

During the same statement, he denounced that a Spanish Treasury official charged him in the media for the decision he had made, taking it as unethical. The former vice president of the government of Spain Pablo Iglesias criticised this decision through his Twitter account, retweeting a tweet where former athlete Juanma López Iturriaga explained that YouTubers moved to avoid paying taxes.

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Net Worth


The Estimated Net worth is $80K – USD $85k.

Monthly Income/Salary (approx.)$80K – $85k USD
Net Worth (approx.)$4 million- $6 million USD

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