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Egan Jeffcoat Wiki, Biography

Egan Jeffcoat, age 5, was killed in his parents’ car on Thursday, January 12 in Butts County, Georgia, due to a violent tornado. Jeffcoat was with her mother when a tree fell on her car. Another unidentified man who was also in the car suffered serious injuries. Authorities have confirmed that Egan Jeffcoat’s mother, Tabatha Anglin, was not injured.

Numerous deaths have been caused by tornadoes that have swept through the southern part of the United States. Many have been injured and more than 40 houses have been damaged.

Butts County resident Egan Jeffcoat was also among those killed in the violent storm. ABC News reported that at least 35 tornadoes were expected to hit the southern states on Thursday. The storm system that caused tornadoes in these states was also responsible for the violent flooding in California.

Georgia boy Egan Jeffcoat was one of many people killed in multiple tornadoes.

Strong winds have swept through several states in the southern US over the past week. Multiple tornadoes have killed at least nine people in Georgia and Alabama and caused significant damage to 40 to 50 homes. One such tornado has been reported to have damaged the city of Selma. According to ABC News, many people have been hospitalized in Autauga County, Alabama.

Five-year-old Egan Jeffcoat, of Georgia’s Butts County, died after a huge tree fell on a car she was riding in. The boy’s mother, Tabatha, was not injured; however, another unidentified male in the car was reported to be in critical condition. He was hospitalized with several broken bones.

In addition to Jeffcoat, a Georgia Department of Transportation employee was also killed by falling debris while responding to storm damage. State officials have confirmed the same.

The weather forecasting department reported that at least 35 tornadoes were likely to hit the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee on January 12, 2023. Prior to these states, a violent storm system struck the West Coast. This resulted in continued heavy rain, heavy snow, and strong winds that caused violent flooding in California.

Just a few days ago, on January 9, a 5-year-old kindergartner named Kyle Doan was swept away by raging California floods near San Miguel. He was with his mother on the way to school when the terrible incident occurred. Earlier, on January 4, another boy named Aeon Tochhini was killed in Sonoma County when a huge redwood fell on his family’s home.

In a press conference on Friday, January 13, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said:

“We know that we have had multiple tornadoes across the state. The damage is literally all over the state in different places. The storm has moved across our state.”

A state of emergency has been declared in several states.

Kemp declared a state of emergency, taking into account the harsh weather conditions affecting the state. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), at least three EF-1 tornadoes struck Kentucky on Thursday, with wind gusts of up to 110 miles per hour. The NWS also confirmed an EF-2 tornado in Winston County, adding:

“It is not yet known if there was a continuous path of damage.”

As mentioned above, the historic city of Selma has sustained “significant damage” due to the storm. Most of the roads have been closed and power lines and trees have been damaged.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey tweeted:

“We have already seen parts of the state shaken by this severe weather system, which is why I issued a state of emergency for six of our counties that were in the path of Mother Nature’s wrath: Autauga, Chambers, Coosa, Dallas, Elmore, and Tallapoosa…”

Egan Jeffcoat, age 5, also became an unfortunate victim of these strong winds that hit the southern states of the United States and caused so much damage.

While mentioning the incident where Egan Jeffcoat was crushed by a tree, another tree fell on a truck a few miles away. Butts County Commissioner Ken Rivers was driving with his daughter. Rivers told WSB-TV 75,

“As soon as I turned my truck around, we were in a tornado. It was dark; there was debris hitting us from all angles. Hail. As you can see the tree hit the front of the truck, bounced off the windshield, and then fell off my truck. I put it in the park and I told my son: ‘Calm down’. So we sat until the tornado passed.”

Autauga County Sheriff David Hill said that there is a high possibility of reports of many fatalities due to the violent tornadoes. Egan Jeffcoat was one of the two people killed in the tornado on Thursday.