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On Saturday, January 7, a lawyer described Idaho massacre survivor Dylan Mortensen’s account of seeing Bryan Kohberger the night of the murders. Dylan Mortensen, a 21-year-old University of Idaho student, was among roommates at the Moscow, Idaho, home where four students were fatally stabbed. A lawyer for the Goncalves family, whose daughter was killed in the attacks, said that while Mortensen survived along with another student, she was too scared to properly report the crime to police.

The attorney, Shanon Gray, told Fox News:

“She was scared. She was scared to death, and rightfully so. This guy had just murdered four people in the house.”

Gray added that Mortensen’s description of the alleged killer helped officers, who eventually determined that she aligned with Bryan Kohberger’s appearance. She said:

“She is a victim in this case. Everyone forgets about that. The Goncalves family has no grudge against her or anything like that.”

According to the New York Post, Idaho authorities said Mortensen is not considered a suspect in the slayings.

Everything you need to know about Dylan Mortensen’s account of Bryan Kohberger’s alleged murder

Dylan Mortensen is a University of Idaho student who lived with the four Idaho victims in their shared accommodation at 1122 King Road. While no further details were released, Mortensen’s housemates were revealed to be heavily involved in college Greek life.

After the murders, Mortensen and her surviving housemate Bethany Funke got matching tattoos as a tribute to the victims.

While authorities initially questioned the amount of time it took for survivors to report the murders, they now have the impression that Bryan Kohberger likely acted alone. It reportedly took eight hours for the murders to be reported.

According to Heavy, an anonymous Moscow police officer said:

“(The 8-hour gap) has been something that has puzzled us, we don’t know if it was a problem of intoxication or fear.”

However, the police officer went on to confirm that this did not make them suspicious of Mortenson. The source said:

“We see these things through the lens of rational adults, and when we do, sometimes things don’t make sense to us, but she’s a 20-year-old girl and we don’t know what she was doing, or if she was scared.”

Steve Goncalves, the father of victim Kaylee Goncalves, said:

“You have to remember that these two girls were so upset that when they came out after seeing this…one of them fainted. And the other one was so hyperventilated that the message was not clear enough to the operator.”

Bryan Kohberger is currently in the custody of Idaho authorities.