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Appearing on the ‘Megyn Kelly Show’ on November 8, former bartender Dustin Hice made several allegations against CNN’s Don Lemon, accusing him of sexual assault. I made the allegations against Lemon for the first time three years ago but reappeared on the show to indicate that he was a possible “pattern” of the host’s behavior, allegations that he has detailed in his lawsuit. While Lemon has not responded directly to the allegations, his team has accused Hice of seeking money in the past.

This is not the first time Kelly has attacked Lemon. In September, he called the host a “bigot” and addressed Hice’s allegations in an interview about moving the show from him to SiriusXM. During the past year, Lemon was frequently criticized for his comments on CNN, such as in March when he said we need to “present the true identity of Jesus.” In January, he too was trolled after viewers saw a jar of black-faced mammy in his kitchen during a segment on New Year’s Eve.

Dustin Hice Accuser details sex assault allegations

But while Lemon has managed to ignore those trolls and remains a very popular face, he also faces serious accusations from Hice. The allegations date back to the summer of 2018, leading to a lawsuit in August of that year. Now, Hice has reviewed them in a new light, indicating that there could be other victims out there.

The former bartender deleted his social media profiles shortly after his allegations went viral in 2018, so there is little we can learn about him. At the time, he was working at The Old Stove Pub in Sagaponack, New York. A January 2017 photo uploaded to Instagram shows Hice at the CNN building in Atlanta, which was obtained by Mediaite shortly before the account was pulled.

He and his friends had gone to Sag Harbor Murf’s dive bar in July 2018 when he approached Lemon. Initially, the CNN presenter rejected Hice’s attempts, but then approached him and “put his hand in the front of his own shorts and vigorously rubbed his genitals, removed his hand, and stuck his index and middle fingers in Plaintiff’s mustache and underneath. nose. ” Lemon then allegedly asked “Do you like shit or shit?” and left the bar. The CNN host denied the allegations, and a source said Hice asked for $ 1.5 million in exchange for dropping the lawsuit.

In his interview with Kelly, Hice went on to claim that Lemon was guilty, saying, “Anyone who acts like this in public without fear of what it might do to someone or the consequences it might have, that’s a pattern.” When Kelly specifically asked him if Lemon could have done it earlier, he replied, “I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s protected by the fact that he’s a gay, African-American man on TV and I’m a nobody.”

Legal matters have become complex for Hice after Lemon’s legal team discovered texts and photos indicating the lawsuit was nothing more than payday. When he was questioned in court, he admitted to deleting some social media posts and also indicated that one of his witnesses had been promised money in exchange for corroborating his story. The case is still ongoing in a New York court.

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