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On Saturday evening, a large group of family members are wrapping up their day at Looking Glass Valley Park in Watertown Township, a suburb of Lansing, Michigan. The group of 16 packs up and starts the short walk back to their grandparents’ home down South Waucousta Rd. Just before 6:30 p.m., an oncoming car plows through the family. Instead of offering aid, the driver takes off.

Within minutes of the crash, at least 8 ambulances arrive. Two people die of their injuries,13 people are transported to the hospital via ambulance, more than half of them children. Three minutes after the crash, Clinton County Sheriffs notice a car with significant damage to the front passenger side swerving off the road and over the center line. The driver identifies herself as Ashley Monroe.

Officers immediately suspect alcohol may be a factor in the crash. A breathalyzer test performed at the Clinton County Jail revealed Monroe had a blood alcohol content of .183, over twice the legal limit.

The two victims who died at the scene of the crash have been identified as Jonathan Esch, 30, and Daniel Harris, 42. The surviving victims include six women, one still in critical condition, and eight children, including two six-year-olds and three toddlers.

The alleged drunk driver, Ashley Monroe, is now facing eleven charges related to the crash. Monroe is charged with 8 counts of DUI causing serious injury or death, and 3 counts of leaving the scene of a damaging or deadly crash.

At Monroe’s arraignment, her defense attorney reveals she is pregnant with her 5th child. Through a public defender, Monroe pleads not guilty to all counts. Monroe remains behind bars at the Clinton County Jail, held on a $1,000,000 bond.