Who is Kevin Gates’s Wife? Dreka Gates Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Leaked $ex Tape, Instagram

Dreka Gates Wiki – Biography

Dreka Gates was born Shadreka Centuri Haynes is the wife of Kevin Gates, an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. According to her Instagram bio, Haynes is the manager of Kevin Gates. She is also managing her daughter, Islah’s, acting career.

Dreka is the co-founder and CEO of the Bread Winner’s Association, Gates’ record label. She graduated in 2006 from Louisiana State University where she majored in Fashion Merchandising.

Dreka is involved in her husband’s career as he works as his concert booking manager. She is also a Co-founder/President of Bread Winners’ Association which was established in 2010. It is a record label created and operated by Dreka and Kevin Gates.

Dreka was also featured in the Lip Service reality show and she also appeared in the music albums of her Rapper husband. On September 22, 2017, Gates’ spouse, Dreka released By Any Means 2 while he remained in prison. She handled executive controls of the project. The mixtape reached number four on the Billboard 200.

Dreka Gates Age

Dreka is 33 years old. She was born on August 31, 1986, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.

Dreka Gates & Kevin Gates

Dreka first met her husband, Kevin Gates when she was in High school and they would later start their romance. The couple celebrated their marriage on October 17, 2015, in Baton Rouge in a private ceremony attended by their close friends and family were present.


Kevin and Dreka have two children: Khaza Kamil Gates and Islah Koren Gates. In 2013, Gates said, “I got some children. I’m really close to them. I lay in the bed with them, hold them, love on them. It really doesn’t make sense to say [how many kids I have]. Not in a bad way, but it’s not like the public will ever get to see my children, and if they do see them, they aren’t going to know they’re mine.”

Dreka Gates Religion

Kevin Gates and Dreka are practicing Muslims. In July 2016, she shared a video to Facebook showing the pair on a pilgrimage to Mecca. She modeled in a May 2017 photoshoot with the theme “Provocative Muslim Woman.” In January 2019, Dreka tweeted: “Having God answer your prayers, is like witnessing a magic trick. All you have to do is believe.”

Kevin Gates $extape

Asex tape that some people think shows rapper Kevin Gates with an unidentified woman hit Twitter, but it hasn’t been confirmed that the rapper is actually in it. People weren’t giving the $ex tape rave reviews.

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According to Hip Hop DX, the video leaked on May 16, and #KevinGatesVideo quickly trended on Twitter as a result, but Gates hasn’t confirmed or denied whether he’s in it. Gates, in case you are wondering, is married to wife Dreka Haynes. In fact, Gates wrote a single devoted to his wife, who is also his manager.

Gates‘ “I’M HIM” debuted as the No. 1 album on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Album Sales chart and No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart, and he’s had four top 10 albums, according to Greensboro.com.

The video leak ignited a round of Twitter jokes about Gates, with some declaring it looked like Gates and some saying it didn’t. People on Twitter trashed the sexual performance of the man in the $ex tape video.




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