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Dominick Black-met Kyle Rittenhouse last year while dating his sister. In just a few months, Black told a jury Tuesday that he considered Rittenhouse a brother and saw him almost every day. And they were together on August 25, 2020, when they brought assault rifles to a protest against police brutality in downtown Kenosha. It was there that Rittenhouse, now 18, shot dead two men and wounded a third amid chaotic riots.

Black, 20, of Kenosha, was the first witness called by the prosecution in the Rittenhouse trial on charges of willful, reckless, and attempted murder. His lawyers argue that he acted in self-defense. Black testified that shortly after obtaining an AR-15-style rifle, Rittenhouse expressed interest in one. During a trip to Black’s family hunting property in May 2020, Black agreed to purchase a rifle for Rittenhouse, which he was 17 years old and could not legally buy or own.

Dominick Black Age

Dominick Black is 20 years old.

Bought gun used in Kenosha shootings

Dominick Black became close with Kyle Rittenhouse last year while dating his sister. He told a jury on Tuesday, November 2, how he considered Rittenhouse a brother and saw him almost every day.

Black and Rittenhouse were together on the night of August 25, 2020, when they brought assault rifles to a riot-ravaged Kenosha, where demonstrations of police brutality had wreaked havoc across the city. Rittenhouse, then 17, proceeded to fatally shoot two men and wound a third amid the chaotic riots. Black, 20, of Kenosha, was the first witness called by the prosecution in the Rittenhouse trial on charges of willful, reckless and attempted murder. Meanwhile, the defense argued that Rittenhouse acted purely in self-defense.

Black told the court that Rittenhouse had expressed interest in obtaining an AR-15-style rifle. The former agreed to buy a rifle from him during a trip to his family’s hunting estate in May 2020, considering that Rittenhouse could not legally buy or own one due to his age. Black testified that he used Rittenhouse’s money to make the purchase. According to Black, the duo had argued that it was illegal, but he agreed that Rittenhouse would only start using the gun when he turned 18. They proceeded to fire a couple hundred rounds at that point, and Rittenhouse would not use the weapon until August. February 25, 2020.

Black recalled on the witness stand how he, his brother, and Rittenhouse had visited downtown that morning to witness the aftermath of the first two nights of riots that followed the police shooting of Jacob Blake Jr. as the group he went home shortly after, they came back. around 5 p.m. after Black’s friend Nick Smith suggested they should help protect a Kenosha car dealership, Car Source, where Smith was a former employee.

Both rifles belonging to Rittenhouse and Black were normally locked in safes in the latter’s home. The safes could only be opened by Black’s stepfather, he told the court. However, the stepfather, who was not identified, took all the weapons to the basement worried that the disturbances could reach his home. Black said he was in the kitchen of his house when Rittenhouse came up the steps with his rifle. The duo would proceed to purchase tactical slings for the rifles before heading back to the center.

Black, who faces two counts of intentionally giving a dangerous weapon to someone under the age of 18, resulting in death, testified that one of the owners at the Car Source repair shop showed them how to get in if they needed to, as well as to the ladder. they used to be installed on the roof. “I didn’t want to be in the middle of a lot of trouble,” he said. “He didn’t want to get hurt.”

Responding to prosecutor Thomas Binger’s questions, Black said he needed the rifle in case something bad happened, thinking the gun could deter rioters from damaging the business. Meanwhile, Rittenhouse had hooked up on the ground with Ryan Balch, a former member of Jackson’s military, USA Today reported. The duo ventured out of the auto repair business and broke up shortly after. Black recalled how someone called Smith after 11 p.m. and noticed that vandals were attacking another Car Source store a couple of blocks south. He said he couldn’t remember if he or Smith called Rittenhouse and told him to go there.

Subsequently, Rittenhouse seized a fire extinguisher from a gas station and drove to 63rd Street, where he had a fight with Joseph Rosenbaum and fatally shot him four times. He then ran back down Sheridan Road, where he shot and killed Anthony Huber after he hit him with a skateboard and attempted to take the gun from him. Rittenhouse also wounded Gaige Grosskreutz, who reportedly had a gun at the time and survived a bullet in the arm.

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