Was DJ Fantan Arrested Again In 2022? Wiki, Biography, Age, Spouse, Net Worth, Fast Facts

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DJ Fantan makes an unmistakable sound through his music by using electronic and exemplary African music. He is an enthusiastic person who turns out to be making music with his means.

Similarly, Fantan transformed his room into a recording studio and created his own music brand, Chillspot Record with Levels. He is a gifted character brimming with energy and inspiration to perform better.

Was DJ Fantan Arrested Again in 2022? DJ Fantan was not imprisoned in 2022, he was imprisoned on January 3, 2021 by the Matapi Police Station in Mbare. He was captured with another character Simbarashe Chanachimwe who is also known as Boss Dhama.

They coordinated a New Year’s Eve show in Mbare. Around that time, Zimbabwe had severe Coronavirus restrictions. Fantan confessed and admitted to sharing and ignoring the country’s lockdown strategy.

Subsequently, Fantan was sentenced to quite a long time in prison for violating the country’s Coronavirus restrictions. They were also fined $2,000 each with an option to reduce their sentence by 90 days.

DJ Fantan’s charges and real name Explored DJ Fantan was accused of obstructing public lockdown and controlling general society by inventing them to participate in the show without acknowledging the restrictions of the Coronavirus.

The real name of DJ Fantan is Arnold Kamudyariwa, Arnold was sentenced to prison for a long time for violating the guidelines of the Coronavirus. Arnold is an energetic person, who has come up with his own record name and is a record leader, DJ and creator.

Arnold had attended George Stark High School, where he met his accomplice in Business Levels Chillspot. With their arrangement, the couple Chillspot Recordz started Levels.

Thus, they both found gifts in Zimbabwe and created their melodies with such revelation that the public nurtured their new, imaginative and captivating thoughts that drove them to distinction.

What is DJ Fantan net worth? DJ Fantan acquires about 26k from his YouTube channel called Chillspot Records, the channel is worth about 48.3k, and he donates his advantage to his accomplice.

In addition, DJ Fantan is almost certainly worth more than 50-100K dollars through occasions, sponsorship and creation.


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