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Dion Boyd Wiki – Biography

Dion Boyd experience with CPD included serving as Commander of the 2nd (Wentworth) District. He’s also been a Field Lieutenant in the 5th (Calumet) District, as a Sergeant in Internal Affairs and in Area Central’s Special Victims Unit, according to a CPD press release announcing his July promotion.

Boyd earned his master’s degree in business administration from Saint Xavier University, and he went to Boston University’s Senior Management Institute for Police, which is hosted by the Police Executive Research Forum.

After 30 years in law enforcement, Boyd struggled with the recent loss of Officer Samuel Jimenez, one of his officers when he oversaw the Wentworth District, according to a website called Law Officer.

Jimenez was killed by a gunman at a Bronzeville hospital in 2018. Jiminez was only on the force 18 months before being killed in a shootout with a man who went to Mercy Hosptial in Chicago and shot and killed his ex-fiance who was a doctor, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page.


Dion Boyd Age

Dion Boyd was 30 years old.

Cause of Death

A30-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department took his own life Tuesday only 13 days after being promoted to Deputy Chief of Criminal Networks.

Deputy Chief Deon Boyd’s body was found at the Chicago Police Department’s Homen Square Detention Center, a detention block where claims of abuse have festered for years, according to CBS Chicago. The site has been the subject of journalistic investigations, federal lawsuits, and more recently, protests.

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The Chicago-Sun Times reported Boyd shot himself. According to WGN’s sources, they believe he killed himself Monday night and his secretary found him at 9 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Within hours dozens of members of law enforcement created at motorcade procession to take the 57-year-old’s body to the medical examiner’s office.

Investigation Report

Supt. David Brown announced the officer’s suicide at Chicago Police Department headquarters Tuesday, saying, “There’s really no way to convey or express the magnitude of this loss. We are shocked. And with the loss and is deeply felt by me, and the many colleagues and friends, with whom deputy Deputy Boyd worked and mentored throughout his career, many lives will be forever changed.”

Reasons for Boyd’s suicide are not clear but Brown emphasized the strain that police feel every day, “particularly in a time where there is intensified stress. Everyday life can seem insurmountable at times for anyone. For police officers the stakes are even higher due to the tireless work they do to safeguard others,” Brown said.

According to a 2019 article in Addiction Center, The Chicago Police Department had an “epidemic of police suicides this past year. Chicago’s police suicide rate was 60% higher than the national law enforcement average.”

“Boyd is the second officer to die by suicide this year, and 10 officers CPD including Deputy Chief Dion Boyd have died by suicide since 2018,” according to WGN.

Blue Help, an organization to support families of law enforcement officers who die by suicide, reports that in 2020 so far 98 officers have taken their own lives in the U.S. In 2019, the number was 228.


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