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Diddy Accusers May Be Called to Federal Grand Jury

A federal grand jury may soon hear from accusers who have filed civil lawsuits against rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. Combs has been named in eight lawsuits since November, seven of them accusing him directly of sexual assault, CNN reported. The eighth accused his son Christian Combs of sexual assault and named the rapper as aiding and abetting the assault.

Federal authorities raided Combs’ homes in California and Florida earlier this year, reportedly as part of an investigation into sex trafficking — which may have been sparked by the lawsuits, as CrimeOnline has reported. Federal investigators have confirmed an investigation but declined to speak about a potential grand jury.

Two sources, however, told CNN that a grand jury exists, and one of the sources said that potential witnesses have been told they may be brought to New York to testify. The witnesses have not been prepped for testimony, the unnamed sources said.

Combs has denied all the allegations in all the lawsuits, including an allegation from his then-girlfriend, Cassandra “Cassie” Ventura, that he beat and kicked her in a hotel hallway during their time together. That lawsuit was settled “amicably” the day after Ventura filed it, and earlier this month, video of that brutal encounter was released, showing Combs doing exactly what the lawsuit said he did.

Combs then issued a video statement admitting that he did, in fact, brutalize Ventura and that he was sorry. Combs can’t be prosecuted for the 2016 encounter because it is beyond the statute of limitations for assault.