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Family Karma Season 3 aired a new episode on Sunday, January 8, 2023 at 9 p.m. m. ET on Bravo. The hour-long episode documented the cast members spending quality time together, as well as navigating personal issues, friendships, past issues, likely proposals, and much more. Throughout the episode, viewers witnessed a number of dramatic moments between the friends.

On this week’s episode of Family Karma, Reshma and Dharma got into a heated discussion about past issues. While the latter wanted her co-star to recognize her, Reshma felt that Dharma was cold towards her. Fans sided with Dharma in the argument. One tweeted:

Season 3 was extremely popular with the audience as they religiously followed the journey of the cast members from the first installment. Cast members include Vishal Parvani, Richa Sadana, Amrit Kapai, Anisha Ramakrishna, Bali Chainani, Brian Benni, Monica Vaswani, and Rish Karam.

Reshma and Dharma get into a heated argument over Family Karma

Tonight’s episode of Family Karma began with the cast members busy with their daily activities. While best friends Amrit and Vishal had “brotox”, the parent team was preparing for a cook-off by preparing various Indian dishes. Before Amrit and Nicholas’s big gay wedding, the elders had to overcome the problems of Vishal and Richa’s wedding.

In last week’s episode, the ladies got chatty when Dharma broached her concerns with Vishal’s mother, Reshma. He felt that the latter did not recognize her guests during her son’s wedding with Richa and was not hospitable to her. Dharma also mentioned that Reshma was not hospitable to her as the latter did not even come to greet her.

Reshma, for her part, expressed that she heard all about Dharma’s issues through other Family Karma cast members and not directly from the source. She was also upset that Dharma previously interfered with Reshma and her Lopa’s in-laws dynamic.

On this week’s episode of Family Karma, it all came into its own during the aunts’ cooking competition. As the parents gathered at Amrit’s house, the aunts brought their cooked dishes for all to enjoy and for the cook-off to announce the winner. Dharma revealed that she was skeptical about meeting Reshma. As soon as the latter entered the house, Dharma confessed to feeling avoided.

Later in the episode, Reshma’s husband Kishor thanked everyone for coming to Vishal and Richa’s wedding and also provided an explanation for people who feel they were not recognized. He apologized but said they were extremely busy considering it was her son’s wedding and she didn’t mean to avoid people.

Dharma, however, acknowledged that Kishor had done her part by apologizing, but Reshma was not doing anything about it. The two Family Karma cast members got into a heated argument as they confronted each other over the issue. Reshma explained that it was annoying for Dharma to talk to anyone but her on the subject, while the latter felt that they were not even in a position to talk.

Dharma pointed out that it would have been a common courtesy for Reshma to greet her guests. The latter, however, pointed out that he had tried to communicate with his co-star, but felt that he was cold. Dharma felt that Reshma was showing false emotions and was not genuine with her feelings.

At the end of the argument, the Family Karma ladies apparently made amends, however the feud between the two was far from over.

Fans React To Dharma And Reshma’a’s Argument On Family Karma

Fans took to social media to voice their opinions. See what they have to say. They felt that Reshma was patronizing Dharma and preferred to side with the latter.

Family Karma season 3 has been an interesting watch so far. As the season progresses, the cast is ready to explore more dynamics, which leads to enough drama throughout the series. Viewers will have to tune in to find out what else is in store for them this season.

Tune in for a new episode next Sunday, January 13, 2023 at 9 p.m. m. ET on Bravo.