Describe TikTok Music. Social media platform to rival Apple Music and Spotify

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With the introduction of TikTok Music, the most widely used app for sharing short recordings, TikTok is set to take on Spotify and Apple Music. The app will now be more than just a video app, with its own music player where users can join in on the latest songs, amid rumors the company has applied for a trademark.

TikTok’s parent business. In May 2022, Byte Dance filed a trademark application with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Possible Qualities of TikTok Music Streaming App According to sources, TikTok will soon allow users to download, play, and even purchase songs through its app. They can also create, share and suggest their own playlists using the app, which is similar in function to Spotify.

Likewise, the application will allow an intuitive programming of sound and video in the space of entertainment, design, sports and current undertakings.

In addition, you are supposed to have an office to download versatile applications that offer web recordings and radio station content. Customers can have the option to comment on music and watch live streams of sound and video with TikTok music, which is exceptional. Users of the app can also see the songs that are currently playing behind the scenes. It should be noted that Byte Dance, the parent company of TikTok, filed similar patent and trademark applications in November 2021.

The company has a vision for the music industry because TikTok offers second-by-second streaming of other tunes and music recordings. Resso is a music streaming app that Byte Dance also launched in 2020 in countries like Indonesia, Brazil, and India. Resso offers similar features to the fixed music app, according to reports in the docs.

App customers can make playlists and offer them to their contacts and companions. They can also connect to the app’s local area through Resso. Significantly very interesting that in Brazil, a button on TikTok takes users to Resso, where they can fully listen to the music they like.

Another component that’s basically the same as Spotify and YouTube is Resso’s TikTok-style display interface, which displays suggestions based on a user’s reading history.

As of November 2021, Resso had 40 million monthly customers in Indonesia, Brazil, and India, according to figures published in The News. Similar numbers also show that between January 2021 and January 2022, the scope moved emphatically only in India.

Spotify compared by just 38% to Resso’s astonishing 304% increase, presenting the heavy competition that Resso and Apple Music will face once the music version of the app is downloaded.

Additionally, app tracker AppBrain reports that more than 100 million downloads of Resso come from all over the world. Sources say the music app will try to make a name for itself in key markets like the US and Europe.

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