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Deion Broxton , who previously worked for WJZ’s web team, was setting up to shoot a television news package when the herd got a little too close.

East Baltimore native Deion Broxton was working his job as a reporter for NBC Montana Wednesday when his camera caught his now-viral reaction as a herd of bison started walking toward him.

As he started his countdown, he looked toward his right and said, “Oh my God, Oh My God.”

Then started walking away from the herd, who were off-camera, “Oh no, I’m not messing with you.”

“Oh no, oh no, I’m not messing with you,” Broxton said while he put his camera in the trunk with it still rolling.

Montana officials closed Yellowstone Park Tuesday due to coronavirus outbreak. Broxton told WJZ he went down there to interview the superintendent of parks, but it turned into a phone interview.

However, he still had to get some shots for his TV story.

“I only saw a handful of people there because it was closed, so I couldn’t even get into the park as a reporter,” Broxton said.

“I’ve been to Yellowstone so many times to cover stories and this has never happened,” he continued. “When I pulled up to shoot my tease and standup, [the bison] were about 40-50 feet away from me, eating grass. The herd was getting closer to me, but one bison was looking at me and wouldn’t break eye contact. I was waiting for him to look away.”

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Deion Broxton age is Unknown.

Yellowstone Video

We are being told about the need to practice social distancing with other humans, but here’s a reminder to practice it with the animal kingdom.

Deion Broxton, a reporter with KTVM, the NBC affiliate in Butte, Montana, shared this clip of himself Wednesday in which he realizes a herd of bison were heading his way while doing a story at Yellowstone National Park.

“There was a herd of bison walking right toward me at @YellowstoneNPS today!” he captioned the video.

“Oh, my God. Oh, my God,” Broxton says in the clip as he looks off-camera with a nervous eye roll before he quickly walks away.

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“Oh, no, I ain’t messing with you,” he says as he walks out of the frame. “Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. I’m not messing with you.”

Broxton then posted a video of the bison he saw, once he was safely removed from them.

“Here’s the video of the bison I shot once I got a safe distance away lol,” he wrote.

The Twitterverse couldn’t help but have some fun with the moment, poking fun at Broxton’s eye roll.

“When I see someone cough in the grocery store,” one person wrote along with a clip of the reporter, in reference to the coronavirus.

Another person was inspired to write poetry.

“Roses are red Violets are blue Oh my god oh noooo I’m not mess w u,” the poem read.

Someone else chimed in to capture the scene — and Broxton’s reaction — in all its glory.”I made it a gif for you!” the person wrote.

“You are what America needed right now. God bless you, sir,” another person commented, along with a GIF of Chris Evans as Captain America.

Broxton’s reaction may have caused some chuckles, but it’s a good reminder of the dangers posed by bison.

Last July, a 9-year-old girl was tossed in the air by one at Yellowstone. That same month, a 17-year-old was gored by a bison in North Dakota.


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