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Debby Matney is the wife of Jim Matney, While the Johnson Central community mourns the loss of their soccer head coach, the rest of the eastern Kentucky area mourns the loss of a legend. Jim Matney was a coach in the Appalachian metropolitan area for many years, 17 of which he spent at Johnson Central. He was a fervent advocate for mountain athletes.

Matney died Tuesday after battling COVID-19 for several weeks. He won two state championships at Central in 2016 and 2019.

Jim Matney Cause of Death

The Johnson Central High School community is mourning the loss of one of their own. According to Johnson County Schools, football head coach Jim Matney has died. Matney had been battling COVID-19 symptoms in recent weeks. Matney had been Johnson Central’s head coach since 2004 and won two state championships in 2016 and 2019.

Matney had previously been a coach at Sheldon Clark.

“It’s been a tough day, we have a tough couple of weeks ahead of us,” said Johnson Central CEO Justin Arms. Hundreds attended a memorial service at the soccer stadium Tuesday night.

“I think he would like to be remembered for making the men he made all of us,” said Johnson Central lineman Owen Lemaster. “He taught us everything. He is irreplaceable, one of a kind. He is a legend. Something happened that we never thought would happen. ”

“He has been a great role model in my life since I entered the program until now,” said quarterback Grant Rice. “He has always told us that life is not fair and that we have to make the most of the situation we find ourselves in. Just keep your nose down and keep working hard and doing the right thing. It has impacted my life and that of my teammates more than anyone could imagine. ”

“He always fought for every child and he always fought for Johnson County Schools,” said Thom Cochran, Johnson County Schools Superintendent. “He felt there was nothing better, and he felt that all children were earned and deserved a fighting chance in life, and that’s what it was all about.”

Johnson County Schools released the following statement Tuesday: Today, our Johnson County Eagle Family is heartbroken as they accept the loss of a wonderful man and extraordinary coach. Most importantly, our hearts, love, and concern go out to Debby, Dalton, and Carson.

Coach Jim Matney touched the lives of many in Johnson County and across the state. We, along with the family, appreciate all of his prayers and encouragement. As a family, we will love and support each other as we recover, but as we cry, we also want to celebrate the life and legacy of Coach Matney. We are grateful for his example of strength and perseverance, and we want to remember his many accomplishments.

Matney is revered as one of the best soccer and wrestling coaches in the country with high school coaching positions at both Johnson Central and Sheldon Clark. He amassed a tremendous 309-132 record as a football coach, including five state championship game appearances and two Class 4A state titles and has been honored as Kentucky Football Coach of the Year.

As a wrestling coach, Matney was equally dominant. He coached Johnson Central to the last 12 consecutive regional championships, including two state Dueling championships and numerous individual state championships. He also won two state team championships at Sheldon Clark. In recognition of his tremendous success, Matney was named the NFHS National Wrestling Coach of the Year for 2020.

Johnson County Schools are sure to miss Coach Jim Matney. But above all, we ask that you keep in his prayers Coach Matney’s wife, Debby, and the children, as well as the youth of the core soccer and wrestling teams.

Cochran called Matney a fighter.

“I’ve never met a tougher person than Jim Matney and everything he did, he did with all of his heart,” Cochran said. People just don’t fully understand what he’s done [for this school] and we will miss him, “Arms said.” We will miss him.

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