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Debbie Flood Wiki – Biography

Debbie Flood is a Wisconsin businesswoman and the president of Melron Corporation in Schofield which manufactures architectural hardware and castings.

Her father, Norm Peterson, began manufacturing sand-cast white bronze window hardware in the 1960s. His company, Melron Corporation, quickly grew into a primary supplier of window hardware to the aluminum window industry. Flood took over Melron Corporation in 1996 after her father passed away.

She credited the president’s America First agenda.

“When we lost nearly 50% of our business to China in the mid-2000s, we wondered how a small company like ours could continue to compete. At the time, Joe Biden was a senator. He voted to normalize trade with China and helped pave the way for them to join the WTO, even though they were hurting American companies like ours,” she said.

Ms. Flood noted they were able to fight their way through the Great Recession and that Mr. Trump has been able to breathe life into their business.

“He actually fought for American workers and American craftsmen. He actually cared about bringing back those three beautiful words, ‘Made in America.’ We no longer had to succeed despite government,” she said.

Debbie Flood Age

Debbie Flood’s age is unclear.

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Debbie Flood’s father, Norm Peterson, died in 1996.

Net Worth

Debbie Flood’s net worth is unknown.


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