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David Wright Wiki – Biography

David Wright is an Emmy Award-winning ABC News correspondent who has traveled the world, covering major news events in the U.S. and overseas. His work can be seen on “World News Tonight,” “Nightline,” “Good Morning America” and other ABC News platforms.

Although based in New York, Wright travels frequently to Washington, D.C., to help out with the network’s coverage of the Trump White House. He led ABC’s weekend White House coverage for the first 500 days. He was “Nightline”’s lead political reporter during the 2016 presidential campaign.

He also fills in periodically in the London bureau, where recent stories included the arrest of Julian Assange and the fire at Notre Dame in Paris. He is an ABC News veteran. Over the past 2 decades, he has reported from six continents and interviewed six future and former U.S. presidents.

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He has been on the frontlines of wars, revolutions, natural disasters, terror attacks, nuclear meltdowns and humanitarian crises. He has also interviewed Hollywood stars and Silicon Valley pioneers including Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Wright’s job has, on occasion, given him a front row seat to history. He reported from Kabul the day the Taliban fell.

As a foreign correspondent, he has reported extensively from conflict zones. In 2014, he reported from Gaza at the height of the Israeli bombardment. During Israel’s 2006 war with Lebanon, he landed in Beirut hours before the IDF bombed the airport and stayed for the duration of the conflict.

He traveled to Iraq more than a dozen times from before the U.S. invasion to the surge. His reports from Baghdad and Fallujah shared a 2004 Emmy Award. His reporting from Afghanistan after 9/11 shared a George Foster Peabody Award. His stories on genocide in Darfur won a 2005 Emmy Award and an Overseas Press Club Award.

Wright graduated Magna cum laude from Harvard and earned a master’s degree at Merton College, Oxford.


Wright was born in 1964 in Buffalo, New York, United States.


Wright is married to his wife, former Sky News producer Victoria Brannigan. The couple met in Rome when they were both covering the funeral of Pope John Paul II. They married on October 29, 2005, in a Roman Catholic ceremony at the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere.


Wright and his wife, Victoria Brannigan, have three daughters. The Family lives in New York.

David Wright ABC News Suspends

It was not clear how long Wright had been suspended for and an ABC News spokesperson declined to say.

Wright is a veteran correspondent who has worked at ABC News since 2000. He has traveled the globe for the network covering major news stories, and interviewed Silicon Valley titans like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Most recently, Wright has assisted ABC News with its coverage of Trump’s presidency.

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Wright was approached by someone claiming to be a documentarian, a person familiar with the matter said. The correspondent didn’t know he was being taped, the person added.

The right-wing activist group that recorded Wright released the video of him on Wednesday. The group has a history conducting undercover sting operations against members of the news media. It previously targeted CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.
In the video released Wednesday, Wright compared Trump to a “nightmare spouse” and said he didn’t like him because he’s a “dick.” An off-camera voice was heard asking Wright about his political ideology, to which Wright responded by saying he identified as a socialist.

Wright also leveled criticism against ABC and other network news outlets for what he perceived as lackluster coverage of Trump.
“We don’t hold [Trump] to account,” Wright said. “We also don’t give him credit for the things he does do.”

Some of Wright’s criticisms against ABC News were not novel or outlandish. Wright, for instance, expressed dissatisfaction with some of the fluffier content aired on the channel.
“You can’t watch ‘Good Morning America’ without there being a Disney princess or a Marvel avenger appearing,” Wright said. ABC is a division of the Walt Disney Company, which also owns Marvel Studios.
The suspension of Wright was the third high-profile suspension ABC News has handed down in recent years. In 2018, the network suspended Brian Ross over an erroneous story on Michael Flynn. And in January, the network suspended reporter Matt Gutman over inaccurate on-air speculation in the immediate aftermath of Kobe Bryant’s death.

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