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David Harris, 51, has already been charged in Louisiana and Texas with a variety of sex crimes against minors and adults. CrimeOnline previously reported about his arrest in Louisiana, where he was charged in three separate parishes. The mother of a victim was aware of the allegations against David Harris, but was having an affair with him, prosecutors say.

An arrest warrant was issued in Florida for a former FBI agent on a number of criminal charges, including sexual assault and exposing himself to a 14-year-old girl.

WCTV reported that the most recent arrest was due to a complaint filed earlier this year about an incident with a 14-year-old girl while Harris was on St George Island on a family vacation. During the course of the investigation, investigators with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office obtained records of conversations about electronic devices issued by the Harris government in which he said his sexual preference is for underage girls and admitted several incidents, including the exposure incident.

Harris was arrested in June in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, where he was charged with aggravated crimes against nature and indecent behavior with children under the age of 13, but the investigation began in February when the father of a victim in Texas sent a letter to the FBI. The inspector general details the incidents between his daughter and another teenager and Harris. The letter also revealed that Harris had had an affair with the man’s wife, KETK reported.

According to the arrest warrant, the victim’s mother told investigators that “she believed that Mr. Harris had exposed his genitalia to [her daughter] on past occasions, both in [her home] at Tyler and Mr. Harris’s Louisiana residence. “The 14-year-old was initially reluctant to speak to investigators, but eventually told them about an incident where Harris and his family were visiting Texas. During one pool party, the girl did not feel well and went to bed in her mother’s bedroom.

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The teen said Harris walked into the room, took off his pants and underwear, and lay on top of her. He said he yelled for Harris’s wife, who was in another room, and Harris jumped up and dressed again. The girl said she didn’t tell anyone about the incident until later, when she told a second alleged victim about Harris’ actions.

The Florida incident took place in July 2019, when the second victim accompanied the first victim’s family and Harris’s family on a vacation to Florida. The girl said she was swimming in a pool when Harris suddenly arrived, undressed and jumped. When this girl told the first victim what happened, the first victim told her about her experiences with Harris.

Text messages between the first victim’s mother and Harris, found on Harris’s FBI-issued cell phone, showed the couple discussing the incidents over several, the arrest warrant says, though the mother never went to. the police and actually apologized for mentioning the incidents.

Harris talks about his attraction to teenage girls in various text messages, noting at one point that he was glad the Florida vacation was over because “I got tired of talking to all my conversations about being a dirty and inappropriate old man.”

“I mean they have to be teenagers. I’m not a freak, ”he wrote. “Unless I move to Kentucky, where 16 is the age of consent.”

Harris remains in jail at Ascension Parish, but has outstanding warrants for the charges in Louisiana’s Tyler, Texas, Orleans and East Baton Rouge parishes, and now Franklin County, Florida.

The FBI says Harris, who during his tenure there investigated crimes against children, was fired. Harris’s attorneys say Harris has had an exemplary record of service and that “many facts surrounding this investigation that differ significantly from the police narrative have been released through the media.”


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