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David Eason Wiki – Biography

David Eason is the ex-husband of Jenelle Evans. “At about one-year-old, the males are big enough to eat and have really good meat. The females are really only good for milk but they have very rich milk,” Eason wrote in response to one fan. “Americans are pansies when it comes to food,” he added in another. When some asked if he got the goat from the store, Eason told the viewer it was “farm-raised at home.”

David Eason Age

David Eason’s age is unknown.


Many netizens were shocked when they saw Eason’s video from September 13, when he described what goat meat tasted like and then showed the dead goat’s head in the garbage.

“If y’all ever wondered what a goat tastes like off the grill, well I’m here to tell you it tastes like chicken, taste just like beef or pork but it’s real good. This is a ham,” he said. “People should eat more goat. It’s yum.”

Eason wasn’t shy about telling his followers that he had raised Elvis on his property for more than a year. “It’s Elvis, too–the little baby we had last year. Sorry I’m talking with my mouth full but that’s what this video’s all about,” he said. “It’s f***ing delicious.”

As noted by The Hollywood Gossip, Eason seemed intoxicated in the video.

Eason Accused Nugget Of Not Being ‘Loving’ Toward The Kids

Eason and Evans have been working on a YouTube series, titled I Have Something To Say, where they talk about Nugget’s death and the CPS investigation. According to Eason, Nugget was gentle with him but not the children.

“She wasn’t always vicious but she had vicious tendencies,” Eason said in the video, as noted by OK! “She was really kinda mean, we put up with it for a very long time. She bit Ensley more than one time and the first time it happened, we should have gotten rid of her.”

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Instead, Eason took it upon himself to shoot the animal. “That’s the way my family has done it when a dog bites someone,” he said. “There were times when a dog would bite me, and my dad would put it down. A lot of people around here, if a dog goes through their yard, they’ll just shoot it.”

Investigation Report

Evans didn’t directly respond to the goat being killed, but the following day she posted a video of herself petting the baby goat, Sweetie Pie, and another goat, named Joseph, who didn’t seem fond of the former Teen Mom 2 star.

Eason was previously investigated for animal cruelty after he shot and killed the family’s dog, Nugget, in May 2019. The violent incident led to 3-year-old Ensley, 6-year-old Kaiser and 13-year-old Maryssa being temporarily removed from their home while child protective services investigated Eason and Evans. The children were returned to their parents two months later and the couple has vehemently denied the abuse allegations against them.


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