Bijan Robinson’s father and mother: David and Stephanie Robinson

David Robinson, NFL veteran, formed Bijan’s football ability with enthusiasm and shrewdness Stephanie Robinson’s steady help powered Bijan’s scholar and athletic greatness Together, David and Stephanie Robinson molded Bijan into a school football sensation

Bijan Robinson, the rising star of school football, owes quite a bit of his prosperity to the resolute help and direction of his folks, David and Stephanie Robinson.

In the realm of school football, the spotlight frequently sparkles most splendid on the actual players, yet behind each extraordinary competitor, there are people whose steady help and direction shape their excursion to progress. For Bijan Robinson, the rising star of the turf, those critical figures are, in all honesty, his folks, David and Stephanie Robinson.

David Robinson, Bijan’s dad, carries a tradition of football to the Robinson family. Before his child’s remarkable rising in the game, David had his own excursion as a previous football player. He wore the pullover of the College of California, Berkeley, where he exhibited his abilities as a cautious back. David’s enthusiasm for the game didn’t end there; he likewise procured his spot in the NFL, regardless of whether for a short period, as a player for the New York Monsters.

Past the actual game, David has been a consistent presence in the stands, rooting for his child during each game. His resolute help and profound information on football have without a doubt assumed a urgent part in Bijan’s improvement as an impressive competitor.

While David’s impact on Bijan’s football process is obvious, Stephanie Robinson, Bijan’s mom, has been the mainstay of help in his life. From the earliest days of his childhood, Stephanie has been a steady presence, giving adoration, support, and direction. Her impact reaches out a long ways past the sidelines of a football field.

Stephanie’s accentuation on schooling has been a main thrust in Bijan’s life. She has reliably focused on the significance of offsetting scholastics with sports, imparting in her child the information that achievement reaches out past the actual game. Her devotion to Bijan’s scholarly interests has without a doubt added to his capacity to succeed both on and off the field.

David Robinson’s football heritage and Stephanie Robinson’s enduring help and obligation to training have been the foundations of Bijan’s excursion to progress, exhibiting that significance is many times a result of individual ability as well as the affection and direction of a committed family.

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