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Danielle Muscato was slammed on Twitter on August 8 after she posted a Kroger employee’s photo and his name on social media. She wrote on Twitter that she was at a Kroger location in Louisville when she noticed a woman wasn’t wearing a mask and complained to the manager, who she said refused to help. She then posted her complaint online and shared the manager’s photo and name, but the result appeared to backfire.

Her original post reads:

She said, “I was just threatened w/assault at @kroger in Louisville because I asked another customer to wear a mask, and she refused. I reported it to a manager, who found her and talked to her, but refused to do anything more. His name is Andy, and he does not want Twitter to know that.”

In subsequent messages, Muscato added that the manager was not enforcing the store policy for mask wearing. Her concerns stem from being high risk, she said, adding that she only shops during slower hours. The grocery store chain began making mask wearing mandatory on July 22, according to its website.

Muscato is an activist, a transgender woman, the host of the RESIST podcast, a public speaker and a writer, according to her website. Her Patreon account states that “ACTIVISM IS MY FULL-TIME AND ONLY JOB, and I depend on income from writing, public speaking, and my supporters to survive!”

Danielle Muscato Age

Danielle Muscato’s age is unclear.

Muscato Was Slammed

Many took to Twitter to turn the tables on Muscato, saying that Andy was trying to do his job and her attempt at canceling him could cost him his livelihood. One person said, “Danielle doesn’t seem to realize She is the a****** in this scenario.” Another added, “Transgender rights activist Danielle Muscato wants everyone to think she’s a hero for harassing a fellow shopper and a store manager at Kroger. It backfired.”

The Blaze writer Jessica O’Donnell wrote, “[email protected], Andy deserves a raise for dealing with people like Danielle.” Producer and author Greg Gutfeld posted: “One of the few positives of the pandemic is exposing the ‘narc’ mentality so frequently by its very offenders, that none of us want to be that way.”

Another said, “People who refuse to wear a mask are utter trash, but so are blue checks who use their social media platforms to harass minimum wage-earning employees. Leave Andy alone, checkmark.”

Go Fund Me

Andy from Kroger is being lynched by a Twitter mob because he didn’t confront an asshole that wouldn’t wear a mask.

Grocery store employee’s job is to sell groceries, not enforce mask wearing.

If y’all want to doxx someone go for the asshole who wouldn’t wear a mask.

— Santiago Mayer (@santiagomayer_) August 8, 2020

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Andy, whose last name has not been made public, received a lot of support on Twitter following Muscato’s post. One person known as Target Tori, who said she herself was publicly shamed as an employee in the past, started a fundraiser for Andy. She wrote, “I’m raising money to Send #krogerandy on a vaca. Okay everyone…let’s do it again!!!!! #PauseBeKind #kroger #andy.”

The fundraiser made over $13,000 in the first three hours. Tori later posted, “Speaking from experience I can say we definitely made up for any embarrassment in just our support alone…but a sweet vaca will make it even better.” She said her goal is to find “Kroger Andy.” According to the Post Millenial, Tori was a Target employee who was shamed online by a journalist who was upset that she didn’t honor the price on a toothbrush listed at $0.

Social Media

Muscato didn’t receive only criticism, however, and some people posted their support of the activist on Twitter. One person wrote, “Some grown ups don’t want to get into fights at the grocery store so they ask a manager for assistance, Danielle didn’t feel comfortable being close to a person who was hostile and not wearing a mask, Danielle needed help, no one cared.”

Another said, “Why @kroger is the safety of your customers not a priority for your managers when another customer threatens them verbally and by not wearing a mask?” Another added, “@Kroger has a real problem with managers who don’t give a crap about customer health.”


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