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Daniela Zanardi Wiki – Biography

Daniela Zanardi is the wife of Alex Zanardi, an Italian professional racing driver, and para cyclist. Paralympic champion Alex Zanardi was seriously injured again in a handbike crash Friday, nearly 19 years after losing both of his legs in a horrific auto racing accident.

Zanardi was transported by helicopter to Santa Maria alle Scotte hospital in Siena following an incident near the Tuscan town of Pienza during a national race for Paralympic athletes, police told The Associated Press.

A medical bulletin from the hospital said Zanardi underwent “a delicate neurosurgery operation.” His condition was “very serious” due to “severe cranial trauma.” The surgery took three hours, and Zanardi was transferred to intensive care by late Friday night.

“You’ve never given up and with your extraordinary strength within you’ve overcome a thousand troubles. Forza Alex Zanardi,” Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte tweeted. “Don’t give up. All of Italy is with you.”

A Carabinieri police official in Montepulciano said the incident involved a “heavy vehicle.” The official did not give his name as per local custom. Local TV at the scene of the crash showed what was apparently Zanardi’s handbike lying on its side and missing two of its three wheels. A large truck pulling a semitrailer appeared parked on the road ahead.

“It happened on a slightly downhill straightaway just before a slight curve in the road,” national team coach Mario Valentini, who was following the race, told La Repubblica Florence. “Alex veered slightly into the oncoming lane just when a truck came. (The truck) tried to swerve but couldn’t avoid the crash.”

Repubblica said Zanardi, 53, remained conscious until medical personnel arrived, and that he was breathing by himself.

“Twenty minutes passed from the time of the accident to when the medical personnel arrived. It took some time to load him (into the ambulance). His wife helped. After the accident he was talking,” Valentini added in another interview with local media.

Valentini said he was not an eyewitness to the accident but arrived at the scene immediately afterward.

“It was a sunny day and everyone was happy. We were 20 kilometers (12 miles) from (the finish line) in Montalcino,” Valentini said. “The truck didn’t make a mistake. Alex made the mistake.”

The coach added Zanardi’s helmet came off during the crash.

Zanardi had both of his legs amputated following a horrific crash during a 2001 CART race in Germany.

Having recently returned to the series from a second stint in Formula One, Zanardi had plowed through the field to lead laps for the first time in three years. The crash occurred when Zanardi spun his car after a pit stop, and he was hit by another driver. Both legs were severed at impact.

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Zanardi was a two-time CART champion in 1997-98 with Chip Ganassi Racing.

Daniela Zanardi Age

Daniela Zanardi’s age is unclear. However, her husband Alex Zanardi was born on 23 October 1966, in Bologna, Italy as Alessandro Zanardi.

Alex Zanardi’s Wife Daniela Zanardi

Daniela Zanardi is Alex Zanardi’s wife. The couple has been married since 1996.


Daniela Zanardi and Alex Zanardi have a son, Niccolò Zanardi, born on 7 September 1998.

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